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New Advanced Registration Peace of Mind
Ensure Your Seat – Most of our Career courses have Limited Seating – ONLY 25 Seats that go FAST!!
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Advanced Registration Benefits:
Paralegal & LDA - Human Resource & aPHR

Gauranteed Seating

Short Term - Lower Cost Bonus
EZ Pay NO - Qualify Plan
Comfortable Homestay Near Campus Living
Avoiding Student Debt
Career Peace of Mind

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Opportunities = High Achievements

New Options for Accelerated Career

Many students decide on taking college courses thinking to gain job the skills that employers want.
LAVC knows what employers want and provide you those skills. Don’t try to second guess it, we know the answers.

Generally, with traditional early Registration plans, students apply to colleges early in order to get an early decision. The advantage to the student is that this provides a better chance of getting into the program. LAVC has seen, first hand, the benefits of this concept. And we provide this opportunity to our students.

Statistics support Advance Registration

Early Registration is not something that is always available, as less than 500 colleges offer early admission plans...*Source: The College Board

The college application process is more competitive than ever. For example; in just a 10 year span, the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), received twice as many applications for fall 2014 as it did in 2005.

On the LFC website we have impressed the basics of Positioning and assessing yourself as you plan your career related to the course such as PL, HR. or Medical Assisting. On the LFC site you will find unique, creative and powerful advanced career tips you won't find in one place anywhere else.

ACS WASC also collaborates with organizations such as the California Department of Education, the Association of Christian Schools International, the Council of International Schools, and the International Baccalaureate.

Connect to Los Angeles Valley College Extension department

Your Home Away from Home!
Watch a short video on the Affordable and Personable Homestay Accommodations right near the LAVC Campus. It's far more inviting than a crowded dormitory.

Attend from Anywhere - Student Housing
International students can now attend LAVC

Now - Attend LAVC No Matter Where You Live!

You've made your Career Choice, now make your LAVC College Choice!

Planning your career only retains value if you Act on it.

Advanced Registration with a small deposit secures your seat – Do it today!

Other Colleges find it hard to compete with the LAVC Power Career Plan. LAVC offers powerful alternatives to higher tuition, large overcrowded classes and course shortages that leaves many students out.

Greater degree of interaction and ability to concentrate:

Now even the most shy or reticent students will find a greater opportunity for participation in classroom discussions, as most classes are limited in size and it opens up opportunities for more one-on-one's with the instructors.

The New USH Housing Accommodation

Avoid Commuting - Save on Fuel Costs:
Now with USH’s affordable Homestyle living arrangement you can be studying in your pajamas instead of in an overcrowded dorm.

Challenge yourself, but make it Exciting, Creative and Practical
A class schedule shouldn’t overwhelm the student.

The PL Programs are so popular – it’s more than wise to Register in Advance it’s often a necessity.
By registering in advance you will be assured of your seat and you won't be delaying your career any longer.

The Piece of Mind Factor
Following your PL (Paralegal Academy) you can also take the short LDA course enabling you to go into business for yourself or to give you an added edge into the competitive work place.

With the HR Course we have a similar edge available. You can add the aPHR course to your Resume. That’s real boost.

Register EARLY!
You will know that you’re in the class and exactly when your class will start. You can start putting your arrangements together. You can then begin to scan the area for a part time job (You can also check the Job Postings Board on the LFC Site).
Once you have 'Advanced Registered' you can contact USH for a comfortable Homestay style housing arrangement. You'll be all set to take a jump start on your career with Piece of Mind.

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So what are you waiting for? It's your career stop wasting time!

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LAVC's Accredited Programs have students and graduates from all over Southern California

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