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New Opportunity to Become Your Own Legal Document Service

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Exclusive Opportunity to Expand Your PL/LDA Career for Less than $5700!
Accelerate and Magnify your Paralegal Career - Be Your Own Boss
by Ric Riccobono - Director LFC and LAVC Extentions Programs

You've Chosen Your Career...Now 'Xpand It!

Did you know that many Legal Document Preparers (LDAs) had plans to go to law school or actually went to law school and then decided to become Legal Document Assistants instead? Well, it's true and now here’s why.

Of the numerous topics we have covered on the website, PL topics and tips have become one of the most popular. We have several creative and valuable articles covering the responsibilities and work categories associated with starting your PL Career and actually going into business for yourself. By adding the LDA Certificate to your resume can be one of the best things you can do. The cost comparison between what THORNHILL is offering at both LAVC and NIU College and more traditional college courses are staggering. THORNHILL is designed to give you a reality check on the distinct difference in cost and the potential for opening up a brand new Opportunity at a cost that can't be beat. This could well be the most valuable information in your Career Decision Process.

Legal Document Preparation Business Offers Huge Business Opportunities

First LDA Bonus course Document Preparer Businessthere's a huge business in providing affordable services to those who wish to represent themselves (pro-per or pro-se) in uncontested legal matters. For the most part individuals and even small businesses have basically been aware of only 2 choices, hire an attorney for usually $300+ an hour or try figuring it all out themselves and hoping to get it right. Well, there's now a 3rd choice! That is the hiring the services of a Legal Document Assistant (LDA). While they are not allowed to provide legal representation or give legal advice, many times that's not really necessary, there's just a need to file the right paper work pertaining to the situation. Here's where as a Legal Document Assistant (LDA) can grab a very lucrative market share of the business.

The interesting side note to all of this is that as a Paralegal working in a Law Firm and having a LDA certificate is a much stronger commodity, usually earning a higher salary than as Paralegal (PL). Now THORNHILL is showing you how to go after all of that open business out there for yourself and for a price that's so great - you’ll wonder why others are working years to pay off their college debt. You can be earning a great income having your own business or benefit from a higher salary pay level due to your value added LDA Certification working for a Law Firm.

Let’s now focus on becoming your own Legal Document Assistant (LDA)

Partial lists of some of the services you can provide to the general public include;
Incorporation filings, Limited Partnerships, Trademark Filings, Living Trusts, Name changes and much more.

Also, running your own business can allow you time to be there for your children and family.

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How to Be Successful in Cutting out High Costs of Small Business Legal Fees

Documents play a key role in building a strong foundation for the interests of the individuals and business owners as a company grows. As a legal-document-preparation service, which is what you would be categorized in starting your own LDA Business, Entrepreneurs incorporate their businesses, form a limited liability company, LLC, set up a sole proprietorship, DBA and comply with state filing requirements. As a LDA you would be able to grab business from regular law firms charging far higher rates for performing additional tasks such as, Business Plans, Employment Agreements, NDA's (non-disclosure agreements), and many more. Additionally many law firms will sub-contract out some of that preparation filing work, so there's an additional source to consider. If you understand marketing or study sound advertising and marketing principles and practices, once a potential customer compares your cost as a private Document Preparation business operation to that of a Law Firm, the customers will run to you for your services. Just be sure to disclaim that you don't provide actual legal advice, but that's usually not a concern.

Reality Summary
Legal documents require knowledge of specific content and wording details. Hiring an attorney to draft simple or basic documents can be expensive and may not be worth the expense for less important documents. That's where the LDA Service alternative comes in. When you start your own preparation service you'll be making money by drafting documents that many people do not have the time or knowledge to prepare or how to file them. As a Paralegal and LDA Graduate, you'll be able to do preparation thereby allowing you to offer the Low-Cost alternative to hiring attorneys to do the same job.

This is astoundingly low when you consider what you will be gaining in a New Career or Business. Instead of going the traditional long term college route where you rack up tens of thousands in debt before you even graduate, this new and relatively unknown opportunity is a fantastic opportunity to start earning right away. Now you can actually go right into business for yourself as a PL/LDA for a ridiculously affordable cost, and when you graduate, you'll have NO payments. All that money you and/or your parents would be on the hook for with traditional college can now put to a different use.

Cost Overview of Facts
Here's a look at recorded prices from Traditional Colleges from a couple years ago:
2013–14 current dollar prices for undergraduate tuition, fees, room, and board were estimated to be $15,640 at public institutions, $40,614 at private nonprofit institutions, and $23,135 at private for-profit institutions.

Rate Hikes
Between 2003–04 and 2013–14, prices for undergraduate tuition, fees, room, and board at public institutions rose 34 percent, and prices at private nonprofit institutions rose 25 percent, after adjustment for inflation.
* Sources:
U.S. Department of Education
U.S. Department of Labor
Bureau of Labor Statistics
National Center for Education Statistics
Digest of Education Statistics
*Constant dollars based on the Consumer Price Index, prepared by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, adjusted to a school-year basis.


So now what's the 'out-the-door' cost here to grab a high paying career as a PL/LDA and to have the ability to go in business for yourself? Less than $5700 for everything. Yes you read it correctly, $5700 provides you with your PL Certificate, LDA Certificate and covers the cost of a 2 Year Bond to start you on your way. Our program will show you how to secure your bond requirement. Now, all that extra wasted expense you would be out of from the traditional method can be put to use in setting up your own office and business.

- Paralegal Career Course Certificate: $4545 (with Discount)

- LDA (Legal Document Assistant) Certificate: $750, plus nominal material fees

- Bond: (You'll need this to do LDA work in California) as low as $437.50 for a 2 year term.

- Major Benefit: Complete all of this in 7 Months!

Your LDA Schedule: Only 4 Saturdays (9:00AM - 12:00PM)
TUITION & MATERIALS FEE - Only $750 plus Material Fees (cost does not include required insurance bonding)
Easy 2-month Payment Plan ***Everyone Qualifies***
Now comparable that to a tradition college time frame and cost.

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An Alternative
Work for a Firm or Start Your Own Paralegal Business
Even if you do not want to go into business for yourself, the addition of your New LDA Certification offers your prospective employer a valuable addition to their firm thereby allowing you to command a higher salary.

A Comparison to Consider
Classes and Professors -vs- Clients and Prospects

- While the others are still in class learning their trade, you will be starting your new career and marketing your business

- While they're taking in Classes, you'll be taking in Clients

- While they're talking to Professors, you'll be talking to Prospects and Professionals

- While they're incurring debt, you'll be incurring income

Fact; many college students are in debt well over $60,000 and still living with their parents trying to find a job to pay it all back. Many take years or decades to get that monkey off their back. Think about the possibilities of your earning power in your new Career or owning your PL LDA business. Make the Smart Move; get started on your very own PL/LDA opportunity TODAY. It all starts with just one quick call.

Unless your strategic plan is to become a professional student, the choice should be somewhat clearer.

Make the right decision!

"At THORNHILL, You're not taking a Class, Your Building a Career!"

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