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Paralegal / Legal Assistant Job Outlook and Business Opportunity

by Ric Riccobono, Director
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Now that you've made up your mind and landed on your career choice to become a Paralegal (sometimes referred to as Legal Assistant), it may be a good time reflect on the essentials of what makes a good PL/LA. We'll also offer a brief statistical bit of information that will give you a promising look at where this field stands. This may also help you to think of creative ways to incorporate various functions/elements of building a solid career in this field.

Legal Career 'Careers' a Sound Choice

Numerous statistical gathering organizations indicate that employment in the legal field career job category is projected to increase 4% by 2020. From time to time we present various statistical facts for you to help you understand the great opportunity you have as a Paralegal, LDA, Human Resource and aPHR careers area.

The Essential

Paralegals or Legal Assistant if you like, assist lawyers by researching, analyzing facts, legal precedents and preparing legal documents. They also engage in conducting research to support a legal proceeding, formulate a defense, or to initiate legal action. One way of looking at it is that they lay solid ground work for the overall case.

The Functions - A Summary

An example of just some of the job titles of PL's are; Certified Paralegal, Immigration Paralegal, Law Clerk, Legal Analyst, Legal Assistant, Legal Clerk, Paralegal, Real Estate Paralegal, Litigation Assistant, etc. Legal terminology and a thorough knowledge of professional procedures are a main stay. The career includes preparing legal papers and correspondence, such as summonses, complaints, motions, subpoenas and more. As you can see by just a few of the categories there are numerous avenues for employment or to even to go into business for yourself.

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Independent Contractor or LDA

Now here's where it gets interesting. In referring to the Title of this Informative Article you'll note we used the word 'Business Opportunity'. In examining the job duties/descriptions of the PL/LA you can easily see that while there is an inherent benefit to any law firm to hire a well versed PL/LA that's capable of handling all of these various functions, it's very easy to see how just having those qualifications and abilities can help you in your own PL business, check out becoming your own LDA or Document Processor. Using your new found career you can, if you'd like, 'work for hire' or Independent Contractor.

This method has one distinct advantage over working at one Law Firm as a steady PL. This method comes in the form of multiple contacts and networking. By being an independent contractor you would be performing these tasks for a wide range of legal firms and you would be building a credible list of contacts in this field that you could capitalize on at a later date with other business ventures. This also goes to Career Protection as in our recent article on Defense Against Robotic AI replacement, Creativity is your best weapon for stability.

Realistic Opportunity vs False Expectation

Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC) in conjunction with THORNHILL Educational Systems provides you with some unique resources to expand your thinking and improve your career building efforts. We provide some very advanced avenues you can use that you won't find in one place on any site of this kind, anywhere. One of our recent graduates was Gorky Jordan, who just graduated from both the Paralegal and LDA (Legal Document Assistant) courses at LAVC went out and immediately opened his own business, (see Gorky's Full Paralegal - LDA course Review). What Gorky did in short was to 'Start Earning' while students at other colleges are 'Still Learning' and STILL SPENDING. The Low Enrollment Fee, Easy Payments, Extremely FAST Graduation Period (7 Months for PL) and only a few weeks to complete the LDA, allows our students to get a jump start on a career FAST.

This is a perfect example of Strategic Planning and Cost Effective Planning. With our program and low startup costs you can jump into a quick turn-key business. Setup offered here comes with the most advanced and creative career building tips in the legal careers field.

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In short you need a Strategy for protecting your value and one of the key strategies is to be CREATIVE.

Take a few momments and Watch some of our Promo Videos. They're there to make you think, make you think 'Creatively' and to show you avenues and career development tools.

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In Summary

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