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Human Resource Courses and Career FAQ's - HR College Course Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for the most extensive and thorough Answers to your Questions on obtaining an HR Career or becoming a Human Resources Manager? THORNHILL provides you with those answers right here on our frequently updated HR Section

The following are some of the more common and also more unique FAQ's you will find anywhere to help you Start and Build Your Career as a Human Resource Assistant and Manager

Questions you have, Questions you need to ask and Questions you probably haven't even considered, with solid Answers for your career!

Frequently and Specifically asked questions about high paying Human Resource Courses:

Read on, take your time and take some notes as your legal career questions should be answered here and more, giving you a full overview of important career decisions. If you have a question that is not listed here please let us know and we will consider including it.

Q:  What is a Human Resource Assistant?

A: Human resources professionals are responsible for human capital of an organization, and helps fit the skills and talents of employees to the mission of the enterprise.

Q: Who are the Instructors for the Human Recourse Academy?

A: Our Instructors have worked in a variety of industries and capacities and typically are currently HR consultants. They are experience and in the HR field. Several of our instructors have been teaching for this program for several years

Q: Are the Extension Classes, such as Human Resource, ‘Professional Credential' Classes?'

A: Yes, upon successful completion of the program and meeting all your obligations of the program, you will receive aa Affidavit of Completion’. The Human Resource Academy, through our Program is the most comprehensive program of its kind.

Q: What is a Behavior or Behavioral Interview?

A: Some may also refer to this as competence query interviews. These interviews, may pose more of a problem than the initial employment interview as they tend to go further than your standard skill and qualification interviews. Here's where you get hit with questions about your character and personal attributes, and some feel as if it’s a series of trick questions. Like, name your Top 10 favorite Movies, you’re under pressure trying to land that 'cool' job, so quite often people can't remember one. By the time you finish your HR course from THORNHILL, you'll have a good idea of these things. Here's a good recommendation, if or when it comes to an interview look at it like this is your chance to Showcase your talents, so start thinking of some good stories, good 'success' stories, that you can back up, but remember, be yourself. The bottom line is, Confidence, and the ole' Hollywood slogan, 'Don't let em' see you sweat!'

Q: How and Why is Branding a Powerful Tool in becoming an HR Manager

A: We've all heard that term 'Branding', but normally one thinks of it as being strictly in the Corporate world, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Budweiser, etc.. But, you can most certainly develop your own personal kind of 'Branding'. Simply combine your personality with your most powerful skills. You have a clothing style don't you? Well, this is a character branded style. Now is the time, to outline what you consider to 'have been' your brand and include your new skills and interests and polish it all up. Next, compare your Brand with the company and present the strengths of your Brand. Keep what works discard what hasn’t; you'll be surprised at how this can benefit you. While this is a great element to any professional arsenal, it can apply to almost any career position as well as in the HR field.

Q: Can Social Networking sites help me?

A: This may be one of the more important parts of your Brand. Social Networking can make or break you! Do this right and it can boost your image. Just look at some of the nonsense people put on their Facebook and Twitter channels. Sure, everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame and for the whole world to know who they are, but really, like taking a selfie at a bar with your drunken friends and your pants half down, using four letter words, do you really think that's helping your character, or Brand? Who's going to hire you when they see that? Many employers use these Social Networking 'SN' sites as pre-qualifiers for positions. The bottom line is to think before you do something stupid because these SN sites can tell a lot about you without even having to interview you. Use it wisely and you better do a serious check on your SN sites now before you graduate.

Q: What's the best way to do an Interview?

A: Ok, that's a question too many people ask without thinking about it. It's simple. Study and understand the basics of the Interview and the details they contain. Learn those inside and out and you'll have an edge of the others who don't. We've said it before in some of our Articles, for example in 'Realize the Power of a Great Resume'. If you haven't already I highly suggest you read each and every article in our Articles and Career Boosting Tips Resource Center, you'll be glad you did. Realize this, if there is one word that gives you the best answer, it would have to be 'Research'.

Q: How do you consider and calculate differences in benefits between Salaries and Perks?

A: While there is really no one answer to this question as it’s a personal decision. But understand that many employers of large companies already calculate this in with their hiring considerations. Companies offering those extravagant extras like corporate cars, reimbursing for educational expenses, use of the company plane, etc., may have a much stricter non-flexible salary compensation than those that don't offer such amenities. It's up to you to do your 'Research'.

Q: What does the future hold for HR professionals?

A:: In today’s economy as HR Managers are being outsourced, HR assistants are being hired to work with the outsourced HR managers creating new jobs for Human Resource Assistants.

Q: A lot of information overload is out there on the internet and on the LFC site you have some most unique Articles and Tips for those seeking to become HR Professionals, but can you just give the most direct and basic and short version summary as to what would help give a jump start to advancing in this career while in the process of completing the LFC Human Resource Academy?

A: Good question, and what THORNHILL Educational Systems does on our LFC site is to condense much of that overload and confusion you run into on the cluttered 'net' into some unique, powerful and advanced Articles and Tips you can directly take advantage of. But to answer your question, you want it summed up, here it is in 2 simple basic ways:

1- Internships: Pursuing internships or summer work in human resources is an excellent way to get 'hands on' experience while learning the trade. To get straight to the main pint, you might want to look at potential introductory or part-time work with companies that have a large human resource staff. While this may sound basic, it helps you narrow down a lot of time searching, firms with large HR staff always are on the lookout for interns. Scan through our many articles on HR and you'll see how this works.

2 - Range: Gain experience in a Wide Range of human resources fields. We have several advanced and excellent articles that outline this important and powerful aspect on the LFC site. This one will help you in your pursuit to become a HR Manager, as you will need a broad knowledge of all human resources sub-fields. Learn about recruitment, compensation, negotiation, training, organizational analysis, and employee welfare, get a handle on those factors and you'll gain an advantage over those who don't. Modify your educational skills and understandings of diversity in job categories towards those that are increasingly becoming popular and valuable. Again, be sure to read through all of our articles as you will find that by reading the LFC Articles they will get straight to the point and bring up some most unique tips saving you that 'information overload' headache.

Q: I've seen this one mentioned in various places, what is a HR 'Project' Manager, it sounds important?

A: Project managers are usually assigned to a specific project requiring strict deadline requirements. The position of Project Manager is becoming more and more present in the business world. Yes, it does sound important in a way and it actually falls right in line with one of the tip elements we feature on the LFC site for all of our programs, that being, experience or knowledge of a wide range of categories. Being more of a higher pressure job in most cases it is one consideration before seeking a position in this area. Basic functions on a two year Construction Project for example would include analyzing the time frame for completion of a project by considering numerous elements such as, funds required to complete the project, most efficient equipment, technology, organization of all materials needed and very importantly, the Human Resource element. It’s critical to get the right people for the right task. Add all that to the paper work and necessary authorizations needed, you now have the element of what you'll need to manage.

Now before you read this next sentence here's a question for you that was not listed in the above example of considerations. Something was left out so stop for a second and see if you can think what it is before you read the answer here. Cost increase, that's right while thinking of the responsibilities of a Project Manager that involves all the above mentioned elements, did you take into consideration a possible increase in materials over the course of the time frame to complete the task? If not you could end up over budget and there goes your bonus. LFC writes to make you think, not just to give you answers and that's one thing that sets THORNHILL apart from others.

All of this includes responsibilities of the Project Manager to designate specific tasks to appropriate staff members and be able to settle any disputes or glitches should they occur, in other words 'Manage the Project'. As you can see, while the pressure might be high, so goes with it the pay scale and often times incentive bonuses.

Q: Will I have the education I need from the Human Resources program?

Yes, with our Human Resource Academy you will receive a qualified through education allowing you to work efficiently as a Human Resource Assistant.

Q: What do students learn in the Human Resource Academy?

The curriculum is designed to teach the student both substantive knowledge and practical application skills in Human Resource. Competency-based learning includes, but is not limited to the following:

  Compensation & Benefits Compliance I

Compliance II

Violence in the Workplace

Sexual Harassment

Introduction Cultural Diversity Training
  Worker’s Compensation



Career Development

Development Recruitment

Q: How is the Demand for a Human Resource Expert?

A: Demand for Human Resources Professionals is Increasing by 39% a year, (Source: Wanted Analytics, provider of real-time business intelligence and a variety of talent supply data made for HR professionals.) See our Article on HR Increasing Demand for a complete outline of the current potential.

Q: Does Legal Field Career help show me how to compete in this highly sought after career?

A: Absolutely, if you visit our Articles and Tips Sections you will find a wealth of Unique and Powerful Articles and Tips to help you be a strong competitor. Check out one of our recent HR Articles on Beating Your Emptetion.

Q: If after taking the Legal Field Carres Human Resource Courses are there other options in this career field other than seeking a position in the Legal Field?

A: Again, Absolutley, in fact the different diverse areas of potential is vast and wide. We cover some of this in one of our articles titled 'Expanding Your Career Avenues'.

Q: It appears obvious that your HR Course prepares the student to land a job in the field of Human Resource, but what if you're 'Career' minded and want to expand on just showing up to work each day?

A: First off, you're absolutely right, the lessons, background, education and knowledge you'll gain from Legal Field Careers will give you a great start at landing a job in the HR Field. But Legal Field Careers is much more than just a Course Provider like some other colleges or sources, Legal Field Careers actually encourages a 'Career' attitude, that is why we put out Articles that are Powerful supplements to what you'll learn in the course of your classes. Each and every student that is serious about a Career in the Human Resource Field should take it upon themselves to constantly stay up on all of the Articles, Tips and Valuable Resource information we update on the LFC site regularly. A good example of this can be found in one or our Articles titled Think 'small' and 'job', or 'Big' and 'Career!', check it out.


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