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Human Resources
Your Career or Your Business? - Increasing your Worth
by Ric 'Pro Bono' Riccobono - Director

Human Resources, the Basics

For those of you who have enrolled in LAVC's Human Resources Academy or are considering enrolling you should know a very positive statistic from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Studies reveal that job opportunities for these professionals will experience an upswing in the next 10 years, which is much faster than the national average.

There are many functions a Human Resource department is responsible for ranging from recruitment and hiring in all departments to playing the role of counseling employees with questions about benefits and employee productivity. Human Resource personnel also plan, direct, and coordinate the administrative functions of an organization and act as a link between an organization’s management and its employees - (a liaison).

A Human resources person works in an office. A good element about this position is that most work is on a full time basis. It is imperative to get a solid education so that you learn this field correctly. LAVC is the best place to get your start.

Build your worth with additional Certifications and Skills as you go

Unlike other professions, the HR career offers some interesting programs for further advancement of your career. For example, after putting in a few years of experience in the field you can go after additional Certifications that increase your value to larger firms.

Always include Marketing in your endeavor in the HR career. Consider expanding your network by joining HR organizations. Member association can be used in your overall experience factor and becoming a member will enable you meet other professionals and discover interesting specialties that can only increase your worth in your career in HR.

Human Resources include good communication skills, so don't overlook the most important communication, which is communicating to yourself and understanding the value of expanded areas of experience and networking.

Freelance Recruitment Consultant - A Human Resources Business of Your Own

AT LegalFieldCareers.com and LAVC we want you to consider all aspects of your career education choices and in this article we are going to touch on going into business for yourself as a Freelance Recruitment Consultant in the field of Human Resources. Whether you're considering enrolling in LAVC's HR Academy or a currently enrolled, this article presents some potential considerations you may not have thought of. Understand, you can't make a 'Choice' without a 'Choice' so we are constantly providing new avenues of considerations for all of the LFC LAVC Academy Courses.

An HR Career or HR Business?

Obviously the potential for getting a solid job at a large firm in the HR field is on your side. But what if you're a self-starter and like the idea of becoming a FL - Freelancer. In our most recent Paralegal Article we covered the benefits of becoming your own Virtual Paralegal. Basically this means, starting your own business in instead of seeking employment with a firm. Well, HR also has it's own potentials in that area and we'll cover just a few here:

IS it Right for You?

If you have a lot of contacts and enjoy networking and interacting with people then becoming a FL RC – Recruitment Consultant in the HR business may be right up your alley. Also, if you really like the factor of Flexibility then you may want to look into this area further. Importantly, being a Self-Starter is very important to this FL area of Human Resources.

Being a FL RC entails a variety of work elements, such as understanding the recruiting demands and skill profiles of various areas of duties, the screening of applicants, establishing contacts through emails and phone calls and the ability to meet deadlines and submit detailed reports.

Having skills in recruitment experience and a proven track record in recruiting, especially in niche skills is a bonus. If you are oriented in results and are resourceful, persistent and ethical with a passion in recruitment and the ability to negotiate and manage multiple functions, have your own computer, internet and phone connections, you are probably well suited for this endeavor of going into business for yourself as a FL Recruitment Consultant in Human Resources.

Being up to date on current market conditions and a good problem solver are assets that will benefit you greatly.

If you have all of the above characteristics, skills and qualities, then working at your own pace, anytime, anywhere with excellent monetary compensation could be in store for you in this self-run FL HR business.

If anyone decides to go into business for themselves as a Virtual Paralegal, please let us know how it goes for you, just becuase you've graduated doesn't mean your forgotten! - Ric


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Examples of human resources
specialties include, but not limited to

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