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Human Resources Article
Increasing Demand!
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by Ric Riccobono
May 2014

Demand for Human Resources Professionals is Increasing 39% a year, (Source: Wanted Analytics, provider of real-time business intelligence and a variety of talent supply data made for HR professionals.) One reason for the growth is SM (Social Media). SM is a free and powerful way for the HR community to reach employees. The HR job category seems to be gaining momentum because of the recent difficulty in filling these jobs. From October 2013 to today the Hiring Score has gone from 4 to 69, a computation that determines the degree of difficulty to fill a certain job with qualified staff. That's considerable and it certainly shows that the competitive market for good talent is increasing. This shows that demand is increasing and the talent market is becoming more competitive. In the past 5 months HR Jobs requiring SM skills has doubled.

How does this affect you? Well, if you’re going after an HR career, you want to be well versed in SM as placing strategic job ads, as in today's world it requires a solid knowledge of SM skills. As a HR specialist, one of your main functions will be recruiting good talent.

Skills for HR are Many
A wide range of skills for HR professional jobs will make you a better professional. This would include many areas; including a solid base of business knowledge and understanding in social sciences, written and verbal skills giving you solid communication skills, and an understanding of computers and appropriate software programs that apply to the HR field. Don't look at your skill developments lightly. Remember, the more skilled you are, in more areas, the more valuable your position will be for any company and the faster the advancement potential.

Being a competent HR person you’ll have several skills, some of those additional skills include:

Understanding HR Skills and Perfecting them
Good judge of character; diplomacy, confidence; excellent communication skills; a good promoter for the firm you're working for, comfort in making cold calls; ability to build a network of relationships, sense of humor to help lighten up tense moments at times, and knowledge of your company's growth potential benefits. You'll also need to have some knowledge of various local, state, federal laws and regulations as it pertains to fair labor standards. Changes in minimum wage can have complex implications for how the company organizes its labor force. One example of how you may have to deal with changes in the law involve equitable pay and gender discrimination, such as the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay law of 2009 that include health care costs and ongoing government policy making on issues like this.

Integrity and values are a priority, lose those and you'll have no career, especially since you'll also have access to sensitive and private company information where you'll always need to show due diligence. You may also be asked to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) when you sign on.

Become a HR Expert while You're building your HR Career
Understand that basically, HR is office work involving human intervention mixed with technical knowledge and skills. So before you get too overwhelmed, take a good look at some of the above and put them into a reality check. Remember this abundance of accumulated skills also comes into play as you'll not only just be dealing with regular employees, but with high level management and executives. So the moral of this article is to build while you learn and when you graduate from our courses, you'll be advanced with your own skills. Good luck!

Written by Ric Riccobono, Attorney at Law
Course Provder forLAVC Extension Program

Collaboration with
Bob Schott

Actor-Producer-Director with over 28 Years in the Entertainment Industry
Who's Who in America and the World 2006-2013

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Examples of human resources
specialties include, but not limited to

Director of human resources

Employment and placement manager

Compensation manager

Employee benefits manager -
assistance plan manager

Training and development manager or specialist

Job recruiter

Employer relations representative

Compensation specialist

Benefits specialistJob analysis specialist

Occupational analys

tIndustrial Relations

SpecialistLabor relations specialist

Conciliator or Mediator

Arbitrator a growing area especially with credit card companies

International human resources manager

Human resources information system specialist

*And much more


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