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Explore our ongoing and growing Career Building Resource Center where we provide you with unique articles to help you expand your thinking. Articles and Tips on unique and creative ways to build your career, boost your chances at landing that perfect job and open up new avenues of potential job types you have never thought of or even considered were available.


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Paralegal - Legal Assistant Career Opportunities
Build a Great Job Career or Go In Business for Yourself!

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* Career Defense Secret Against Robotic Replacement

1.2 Trillion Reasons to Make LAVC Your Career Course Choice

Legal Career Videos
New Courses New Careers Bonus Legal Document Assistant and Associate Professional in Paralegal & Human Resources Video
Legal Career Videos

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Medical Assisting

Opportunities for Admin Medical Assisting Career - Article MEDICAL ASSISTANT Certified Courses
high paying medical assisting courses at lavc



Human Resources


Legal Secretary


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Paralegal Plus LDA BONUS Course
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Continuing Legal Education
Not just a 'Duty' an 'Edge'

Become a Litigation Secretary

Explore the Potentials of a Large Class Action Law Firm

Generically Specific
Boost Your PL Careers

Being Generically Specific to Boost Your Paralegal Career
Your Personal Assets Examined

Paralegals vs Legal Document Assistant - LDA
Legal Field Careers courses are Defined, but Opportunities are Vast

Paralegal Salaries U.S. and Europe
Overview, Insight and Incentives

Paralegal Adventures

Unique, Creative and Unusual Opportunities

Paralegal Niches
Fashionparalegal - Technoparalegal - Confidentiality Specialist

Become a VP Virtual Paralegal
An indepth Article for Paralegal Opportunities at your disposal

  aPHR Article Tip on Accelerating to a Human Resource Manager

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aPHR Your Accelerated Path

To HR Managment

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Become a High Paid HR Manager
How to Earn $100,000+ Per Year

Competitive Career Tips
Don't Just Compete - Beat!

Human Resources - Increasing Demand!
Become a HR EXPERT

Human Resources Creative Opportunities
Expanding Your Career Avenues

Human Resource Career Opportunities
Become a Freelance Recruitment Consultant

HR Strategy Tips an Indepth Look
Think 'small' and 'job', or 'Big' and 'Career!'
Choose your words and path wisely

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Legal Secretary vs Paralegal

A Creative Use of Titles for Diverse Marketing

The Creative Legal Secretary
Expanding through tradition - AV Factor

Legal Secretary Article
Maximizing Your Career Potentials


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