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“The HR Academy has given me the confidence to pursue a career in Human Resources. This Academy is a wonderful resource for those interested in HR or those who want to brush up on their knowledge about HR.”  – Cynthia Ceja 

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Human Resource Graduate Angelica

"The Human Resources Academy in Los Angeles Valley College was very educational, informative and interesting.  All the teachers were very knowledgeable and I was always looking forward for my next class.  The hours were perfect for my work schedule. 
I highly recommend it since I was able to get another job three weeks after I finished my course. I could not have made a better decision!" –
Angelica Torres

Legal Field Careers Graduate

Jose Castro and son at Graduation Ceremony at LAVC
legal field careers review photo graduate from
 "I have never felt more proud of myself! I did this for my son, for myself. The best experience thus far!" -
Jose Castro
Paralegal Course Graduate
paralegal graduate Jen from
"Thanks to Valley College's Paralegal Academy, the amazing and knowledgeable  instructors and my hardwork and dedication, I am now an employed as a Paralegal working in the Worker's Compensation Insurance Defense Litigation." 
Jennifer Weiss

March 2015
“This program has been invaluable to me.  The curriculum is so well thought out.  Virtually every session has given me information that I have been able to utilize on the job.  The instructors are top notch professionals and serve as great example to the students.  What I gained from the contacts I made and what I learned far exceeded the cash investment I made to join the program.  I recommend this program highly!”

Tamara Sersansie - Office Manager/HR Generalist - Pope Plastics, Inc.

Paralegal Course Graduate

paralegal legal field careers course graduate review photo from
Joanna with Lead Instructor Jonathan Arnold

"It feels good to have made the right choice with LA Valley extension...
The Paralegal program met
all my expectations"...
Paralegal Course Graduate

paralegal graduate from legal field careers at lavc school system from photo
Deonna with Lead Instructor Jonathan Arnold

"Making the decision to go forward
with the paralegal program was
the best thing I could have ever
done for myself. The sky isn't
even close to being the limit!"


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Hired legal field careers graduate from lavc

" I got a job with a law firm! My title is Executive Assistant/Legal Secretary/Paralegal. Yay! Thanks for all your support" - Jackie

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INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge




September 2014
INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge

Dear Mr Arnold

I wanted to take this time to thank you for all the days and nights you spent teaching us.  It was nothing less than a pleasure getting to sit in your classes. You kept it interesting at all times even on weekday mornings. 

There are no words to explain what you and this program have done for me. 

I have a goal now!  I am focused and determined to fulfill very bit of it. 

For that I thank you.



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From Legal Field Careers

Human Resources - Competitive Career Tips
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September 2014
Hired legal field careers graduate from lavc

Hi Kristi,

I just want say thank you for forwarding this job opportunity. I took the time to reply to the job posting submitting the resume I created with all the tips I learned through our last module Career Development and I got a response from them requesting me to have a meeting today. I was a little nervous because I did not know what kind of questions I would be asked, however I kept confident and I told myself just apply all the learning we have been exposed to within the program. I was asked what I knew about probate law, specifically estate planning and litigation, I responded with an overview from what we have been taught, specifically by Mr. Arnold in probate law and litigation law, I also explained what I knew about discovery and form interrogatories which was very helpful thanks to Brandon Klock of course for teaching the module, after almost two hours and after meeting the rest of the attorneys. I am proud and excited to say that I was offered the case assistant position with the ability to become a paralegal within the company after I gather more hands on training of course which the firm has agreed to provide for me as they are looking for a long term employee.

I not only negotiated a fair salary but I was able to negotiate more hours a week too as well as more salary then what the original job posting had advertised. I truly believe this was all possible because of all the training I received within the Paralegal program.

Thank you for everything,


August 2014
INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge


I wanted to thank you for listening to me the other day….. Partly, and to be honest, I am pursuing the paralegal field because in thirteen years as a social worker, I have seen my fair share of drama, and exposure to client and families feelings.  I love being a social worker, and as I mentioned I will be training a student from CSUN soon.  I am really sending you this email to tell you that my involvement within the paralegal program I know has helped me to not only become a better social worker, but a better person, who knows more about individual rights, to help my clients in no matter what direction my future career takes me.

Enjoy the rest of your week 

Be well!  Always,  


August 2014
INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge

Dear Professor Arnold, Esq:

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a vastly learning and enjoyable experience. You delivered the paralegal subject matter in a way that maximizes the learning experience to the fullest.  I especially enjoyed hearing about specific cases that you dealt with and how you tied the material to actual application of the law.

Additionally, I have always enjoyed Law and its constituent principles and having you as a professor validated that Law was my calling.  I was further humbled by your acknowledgement of my passion and drive for the fundamental tenets of what Law is about. As such, I may pursue a Law degree in the future as you recommended after I put in the work and long hours that will allow me the opportunity to garner a clearer perspective and experience relative to this field.

Thank you again for making it a rewarding and humbling experience albeit, all the late nights burning the midnight oil studying and researching.

Yours truly,


INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge
Hi Sharen

I just wanted to take time to say "thank you" to you, your staff and your instructors for your over and beyond support. This is a game changer! Brandon and Mr. Sanchez are the best! My attendence is 100% and my grades are (and will continue to be) at the top. This investment will pay off many, many times.


David Hicks


Hired legal field careers graduate from lavc
HI Sharen

Thank you so much for referring the job to me. After the interview I was called yesterday to tell me I got it.

Carmen Cordon


INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge
Dear Mr. Arnold

I wanted to take this time to thank you for all days and nights you spent teaching us. It was nothing less than a pleasure gettting to sit in your classes.
There are no words to eplain what you and your classes have done for me. I have a goal now! I am focused and determined to fulfill every bit of it. For that I thank you.

Brenda Calbrera

Feb. 11, 2013
Hired legal field careers graduate from lavc
Dear Mr. Arnold

Today I was hired at F. O.'s Law Firm. They're personal injury and bankruptcy. Mr. 'O' was impressed with my knowledge. I had to write you to thank you for preparing me so thoroughly. I knew exactly what he was talking about when he described what I'd be doing as one of his paralegals. I owe it to you and the school. Thank you for helping me create a better life for my family and me.

Thank you. Respectfully,
Sabrina Luna

Feb 2013
INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge

I cannot stress enough just how much this school prepared me. Every base was covered. I'm appreciative of all that was given me. You and Sharen were always there for me, rooting me on. I felt it the first day I met you both. How you worked with me financially, still touches me to this day. The whole faculty was warm, encouraging and helpful. Now, with this new job that I got, I will apply what I have learned. And I will continue to grow and learn. I hope to help make a difference for others, as I now have such a luxury.

Thank you. Respectfully,
Sabrina Luna

INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge
Hi Sharen

Thanks you Sharen, the HR extension is a great program. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to meet you and all the teachers. I'm very greatful!!!!

Thank you,




INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge
Hi Sharen,

Going back to school was the best thing I could have done for myself and the program was perfect for me. Thanks for helping me become a paralegal. It changed my life.

Best Regards,

Melissa Warrick

INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge
On October 10 I had just retired from a 30 year law enforcement career that included serving as a Deputy Sheriff in California and as a Federal Special Agent. I
was trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life.
I conducted a computer search on California Paralegal Training Program and found the Los Angeles Valley College programs one of the highest recommended in the state with several testimonials from former students. I moved to Northridge this year and enrolled in the Professional Paralegal Academy. During my federal career I attended training in legal issues at a number of Federal Law Enforcement Training Center sites that contained many subject matter experts...Your instructors are head and shoulders above any of the Federal Legal Instructors by which I had been instructed in the past. Additionally, the program is better preparing me than many of the other Paralegal Programs in the area prepare graduates.

I find that I have learned more and can do more than most of the graduates and students of other programs thanks its a great part to the excellent program you are running here.

David B., Special Agent – Retired


Hired legal field careers graduate from lavc
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for everything you taught me during the Paralegal School. I owe you my career that I have now. I work as a litigation paralegal for Bank of America Corporation...thank you very much again.

Best Regards

Andreea B.

INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge
Thank you for doing such a Great job teaching us.


Victoriya C.

INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge

Dear Paralegal Class of April 2012

It was a pleasure to have taught your Family Law course.
Congratulations on your efforts and achievements thus far within the program.

Please accept my best wishes and I look forward to following your careers and accomplishments.


Elio G.


The Paralegal Profession is considered
‘ One of the Top Ten Most Secure Jobs ’

...NBC News-Today Show


INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge
Hi Sharon

I wanted to thank you for all the nice and helpful advice you provided me. It was very nice to meet Mr. Tompkins, I had the chance to thank him for his contribution revising my resume and he also offered me very good suggestions. Agan, thank you very much


INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge

It's nice to know that we as students can just drop a note and let you know how we are doing! Have a great rest of the week

Tracy H.

INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge
Hello Sharen

Thank you for your help you are the best. I look forward to this Saturday class...

See you then,
Raul R.

INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge
Thanks Sharon you have been such a great help!
Thank you for your patience!!


5 Star rating for - 5 Star Rating from Yelp
INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge

5 star review rating for los angeles valley college for Sandra P. Sun Valley, CA

"I went to LAVC for a few years before transferring to CSUN. Let me tell you had it not been for Valley there is no way in hell I would ever have attended a four year university. It took me a while to understand that thats what I wanted to do, but when I did Valley encouraged and facilitated the transition to a university. I had great professors that offered personal examples into their lectures which made it very interesting. As with any college or university there are bad apples so make sure you check out http://ratemyprofessor... to see what kind of teacher is teaching the course you want to take. Overall I can say I would recommend Valley to anyone who is looking to improve their skills or transfer to a university. Valley is undergoing a lot of renovations to the parking structures and buildings so do plan for construction on campus but it is only to better serve its students."



5 Star rating for - 5 Star Rating from Yelp
INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge

5 star review for lavc Tammy H. Los Angeles, CA

I cant' believe Valley College only has 27 reviews so far lol. What can I say: I love this community college! I came here the Fall of `06 fresh out of high school and graduated June `2010 with an Associates Degree! Yay! I never thought I would have the discipline to finish community college.... but still, i have some really great memories of this school. I know, as i student, I was minimally involved with the campus and all of its wide range of activities offered (tutoring, library, clubs, sports, plays, music..ETC)..but still, my memories of this place is overwhelmingly bittersweet, and the most positive experience i can ever ask for. I had some really wonderful, dedicated, and amazing teachers. I`ll never forget them and ill never forget what they taught me. Same goes to my counselors, especially Ms. Gee, she was awesome. I truly struggled to complete the 60 units, and all the classes i didnt think id learn anything from, i still did. I can still remember my first day like it was yesterday... I was 17 years old and i was lost, looking for my next class, but it was okay cus it didnt start for an hour and a half, and i remember wandering the beautiful wooded areas of Valley, enchanted by the swaying trees, thinking, God, what a beautiful campus, it was like taking a stroll through a forest. I emerge 4 years later wiser, more educated, more disciplined, a kinder person, and a more well-rounded adult. I will never forget this wonderful place, it was like a second home to me."

INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge
Hi Sharen

Thank you so much for the time you spent yesterday with Ally and I. You put both of our minds at ease. Ally is very excited about starting her classes.

Thank you again for all of your help!!

Lori F.



INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge
Hi Mr. Arnold

Good Evening! Thank you so much you are the best teacher in the world!!

Miriam M

INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge
Hi Jon

It has been a challenge to 'stay the course' and as my Professor, I appreciate the balanced substance of you classes that kept me on my toes. The Lighter witticisms given in class alleviated undue 'student anxiety' & 'student boredom', as intended I'm sure. I was also intrigued by the notion of fulfilling the externship through your office if my job failed to meet the standard. Thanks for everything.



Hired legal field careers graduate from lavc

I'm starting my new job as a paralegal at a Family Law Firm in Brentwook today! My training at the Paralegal Academy and experience gained thru my externship were the reasons quoted by my new boss as the reason she hired me over other candidates.

Thank you for the fine training!

David B.

INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge
Hello Sharen

Thank you for being so nice. I am glad I took this class, I learn a lot and thank you for always being so helpful.

Jacuelyn M.


INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge
Good evening Jonathan

I was a student of yours at LA Valley College. Paralegal Program in 2009. I also completed my externship at your office in Reseda. I am applying for law school next month and am respectfully asking if you would be willing to write a letter of recommendation for me. My aspirations of attending law school were strengthened after the Paralegal Program. The Business Law Section that you taught greatly advanced my interest in transactional law and briefing actual cases during the externship has been one of the most valuable experiences I have had.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration

Robert V.


As always, thank you for your rapid response and great job recruiting students.

Law Offices of Eliot B. G.


Hired legal field careers graduate from lavc

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for everything you taught me during the Paralegal School.
I owe you my career that I have now. I work as a litigation paralegal for Bank of America Corporation in West Hills...thanks you very much again.

Best Regards,

INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge
To: Jonathan Arnold, Esq

Thank you so much for sharing with us what you know about law. The classes were informative and fun.

Darling J.


INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge
Dear Brandon,

Your strong knowledge of your field is obvious, you master paralegal work. Despite being a worry wart, hard on myself and ask a million questions, I made it through your modules. I truly enjoyed gaining this knowledge from your classes... You are a tough instructor, but I am certain that your high demands form the class will be to our benefit at the end! Once again, thank you for being devoted, helpful and for sharing your knowledge.

Karen I.


INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge
Dear Mr. Arnold

I am very happy to know that I did an excellent job. I owe most of it to you because you are an excellent teacher.



INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge
To: Jonathan Arnold Esq.

Thank you so much! Your instruction and guidance through this module has been supplementary in a great way to my understanding and knowledge of legal concepts. I appreciate the time you take to clarify any doubts we may have and for the support you give us. I look forward to being under your instruction to future modules to come.

Tiera P.


INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge
Hello Professor Arnold

Your style of teaching has enabled me to better understand law and that is the reason why I now have an “A” grade for both contract law and evidence.


Monica J


INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge

I want to thank you for everything. Your classes are by far the best and most entertaining.

All the best
Marvin J. R.


INSPIRED legal field careers laavc graduatge
Dear Mr. Ricobonno

I am currently enrolled in the HR Course. The purpose of this message is to commend you for creating such a dynamic course and even more so for the stellar team of educators that have brought with them not only their experience but their passion for teaching. Everyone of our teachers has presented the finest details within the given modules .It has truly motivated me to be the best I could be. It is for this very reason that I am going to do all that is possible to continue my education at LAVC. I can only guess that your team is a powerful reflection of the professional that you are and I feel privileged to have been a part of the LAVC student body.

Mr best to you and everyone at the LAVC Extention Program.

Warm Regards
Elizabeth T.

(818) 997-0967


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The entire Staff at LAVC wants to extend a Special Thank You to
all of you whom have taken your valuable time out to send us in
your kind comments about the
courses, classes and Instructors
here at Los Angeles Valley College.



Mr. Riccobono

"I just wanted to drop you a
line regarding one of your instructors, Mr. Arnold. He taught several of our legal secretary classes. Mr. Arnold has this wonderful ability to not only
teach us the necessary
information,but to do it in a very enjoyable and entertaining way. When I finally go out into the
world searching for a job, I will always remember how Mr. Arnold put my mind at ease.
He's definitely a keeper."

Catherine A.


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Dear Jonathan Arnold

"I can honestly say you are the best teacher...Your insight and thoughtful explanations made any subject you taught easy to understand."

Thank you!


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