LAVC Career Course Graduate Reviews

To: Jacobs, Sharen M
Los Angeles Valley College
Extension Program, Professional Paralegal Academy

Valley Glen, CA Dear Sharen,

I wanted to write to thank you for your support and encouragement. I am grateful for the opportunities the Paralegal Program and LDA Program have opened to me. Attending LAVC Extension Program was a real blessing for my life and helps me very much to achieve my goals and dreams. I can honestly say that I would not be even close to where I am today without the support that the Program provided me. I’m letting you know that I was able to register as LDA with Los Angeles County and also I have opened my first and very small office located in 19013 Suite A, Tarzana, CA. but I am still determined to reach more goals in my career and you will be the first to know. Thank you so much for all your help throughout my participation in the Program as student, and thank you for believing in me, not only have you shown me how to be better in my career, but you have also modeled how to be a more effective and loving person. You are an inspiration to me and I hope to affect others in my life as you have affected me. Thank you for all that you have done. My warmest regards,

Sincerely, Gorky Jordan
June 16, 2017
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 Recent HR Graduate MeriRecent Human Resource Graduate
...Meri B.

Congratulations Meri on
Your New Career from

February 2017
"The Paralegal Program was a great experience. The teachers were great instructors. The program has helped me get a better job. Kristi is so helpful and nice in the office , she explained the program to me very thorough.  I learned valuable skills for my future . This program was a great experience it did lead to a couple job opportunities which is great. This program definitely can help you get better job."
-Sandra Tyson    January 27, 2017

Paralegal LAVC Graduate Edith
Paralegal Thornhill LAVC Graduate

"The Paralegal Program at Los Angeles Valley College has empowered me to obtain greater opportunities and advance into being qualified for positions that allow me to obtain a greater salary. After graduating from the academy, I knew I was well equipped and motivated to be successful in my chosen career. In my current position as a paralegal, I am able to utilize all the skills and tools that I was taught during my time at the academy. This truly played a pivotal role in my life.I would recommend this program to anyone.". - Lilit Keshishyan
Paralegal LAVC Graduate Edith 2016
LAVC LFC Paralegal Graduate Edith T September 2016
"I recently graduated from LAVC Professional Paralegal Extension Program in September of 2016. I loved everything about it. The faculty members were professional and their commitment to students is genuine. It was more like a family to me by the end of my learning process and I am blessed I learned a lot. It's a part of me that more can't take away."
...Edith Tobar

Human Resource Graduate Venise 2016

Human Resource LAVC Thornhill Graduate Review Photo
"I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have completed and received a Certificate of Completion for the HR Management Assistant Academy training Program, Class of 2016.

The instructors were phenomenal and each brought a uniqueness to the program that made the courses memorable and enjoyable.

A sincere thank you to the Los Angeles Valley College Extension Program Staff for all of their dedication and hard work. Knowledge is power. A closed door is never locked. Let being you, guide what you do!" - Venise Vinegar - August 2016
Paralegal LAVC Graduate Denise 2016

Thornhill graduate reivew paralegal class“Even though I was fortunate enough to already be employed at a law firm, I am extremely grateful for the knowledge I acquired at this Paralegal program. Not only will the experience I gained help me with my current employment, it will also be sure to open many doors in my future and help me expand my career."
- Denise Santana.  March  2016
LAVC HR Human Resource GraduateHuman Resources graduate Zahra from photo

Thank you for being so helpful and nice..This program was so great and I feel lucky to have an opportunity to take it in this college."
- Zaha Salmanann

LAVC Paralegal Graduate
legal field careers lavc paralegal graduate from photo
THORNHILL Educational Systems Congratulates Yana on her new Career Start as a Paralegall

"Proud to graduate from the Professional Paralegal Academy in Los Angeles Valley.””
 - Yana Bragilevskii

Lead Instructor
Jonathan Arnold with Yana
Cheri Torres.Getting her Certificate at Graduation from Lead Instructor Jonathan Arnold
legal field careers paralegal graduate cheri with instructor Jonathan Arnold from photo

Another Paralegal Graduate beginning her career in another 'Unique Field' of Legal Careers!!

"I am thrilled with my experience in the Paralegal Course at LA Valley College Extension. I found the course to be interesting, instructors to be dedicated, and my fellow students to be excellent networking sources, as well as friends. I am also appreciative of the school's hand in leadingme to my first position in the legal field." - Cheri Torres

Human Resource Graduate Angelica
legal field careers thornhill publishing los angeles valley collge legal career course graduate Angelica photo from
The Human Resources Academy in Los Angeles Valley College was very educational, informative and interesting.  All the teachers were very knowledgeable and I was always looking forward for my next class.  The hours were perfect for my work schedule.  

I highly recommend it since I was able to get another job three weeks after I finished my course. I could not have made a better decision!"
 -  Angelica Torress

LAVC Paralegal Graduate
Paralegal Graduate from LAVC LFC Thornhill Educational Systems
"I'm very fortunate to have found the extension program at Valley College. Interested in the legal field yet tied up by my 9-5 job and family, Professor Arnold and his teaching staff gave me an opportunity that I never imagined exists! Thank you Valley College Extension. The future lots so much brighter and rewarding!" - Edward Flores - March 2016

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