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Paralegal - Legal Secretary Career FAQ's

Frequently Asked Qustions - FAQ's specifically pertaining to a wide variety of both common and unique questions about becoming a Paralegal and Legal Secretary and buiding your career


Human Resource Career

Frequently Asked Qustions - FAQ's specifically pertaining to a wide variety of both common and unique questions about starting and building a Career in the Human Resource Industry


Below are General FAQ Questions and Answers that apply to All Course Classes
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Q: Some people know right off what career they want, but if you're having a hard time making up your mind between Paralegal and Human Resource Careers, how do they compare in salary and ease of entry?

A: Basically, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Human Resources and Labor Relation Specialists are one of the Top 10 highest paid business jobs and typically earn a base salary of $40,000 -$58,230 yearly.
Paralegals are now presented with Rising Pay compensations and strong employment outlook as one of the fastest growing professions projected through 2018, and have a relatively easy entry into the field. But one significant consideration is that Paralegal gives you an opportunity for substantial salary progression.

Q: In some of your Articles you mention that experience is a valuable tool that you bring with you. What are some easy basic ways to gain practical work experience while taking one of THORNHILL's Legal Field Career Courses?

A: While there are many we have covered in our LFC THORNHILL articles, here are just 2 Main quick and basic sensible ways:
1. Seek out Contract work, that is, you would not be hired as an employee, rather an independent contractor for a specific job(s) only.
2. Internships and Externships that can be found in corporations, law firms, and a variety of other businesses. Even, if you work on a volunteer bases for a while.

Q: It appears you have added a New School to THORNHILL'S Legal Field Careers, how much time do I have to enroll and where do I sign up for Santa Monica College (SMC)?

A: Yes, THORNHILL Educational Systems TM is proud to announce that due to the increased interest in our Programs, we now offer our ‘Premier Paralegal Program’ also at Santa Monica College. SMC Fall Classes start October 15, 2015 and will be held at; Santa Monica College 1900 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405. All of our THORNHILL classes fill up very quickly so not to sound like a used car salesman, you'd better enroll now to ensure a seat. Enrolling is very easy. Simply click on one of the Register Now buttons found throughout our site and simply enter the information, including your School of your choice in the Drop Down Box in the Form and submit it.

Q: It appears that you are now offering Medical Assistant courses, what is this entail?

A: Yes, through our extended Course Programs at THORNHILL we are pleased to offer two New Medical Assistant Programs in Collaboration with NIU College. One is Clinical Medical Assistant and the other is Administrative Medical Assistant. You can read the details along with a brief summary of both of these courses on our Home Page.

Q: What does NIU Stand for?

A: Newport International United College located in Canoga Park, CA

Q: I see that you offer Payment Plans at LAVC, are Payment Plans also available at both SMC and NIU?

A: Yes they are, you'll find information on how they work throughout our site or you can also call the Admin office at 818-997-0947 to speak with one of our friendly staff.

Q: Since the Medical Assistance Programs are slightly different that of the Legal Careers Courses, how do you register?

A: You Register for all course programs by simply clicking on the Register Now Button and then select your school of choice and some very basic information, that's it.

Q: What are the Job/Career Opportunities for the Medical Assistant Programs?

A: Just like with the Legal Career Field, the Job opportunities for educated qualified graduates are in demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates a 29% increase in Job Openings over the next several years for Medical Assistants.

Q: In surfing through the THRONHILL site it seems to be growing and including some good resource articles, tips and Job Offer Postings. What else will THORNHILL be doing for students after they have graduated and begun their career?

A: THORNHILL is in the process of implementing a comfort zone for all Paralegal students, as well as attorneys, to help them meet their career job requirements necessary to maintain certain Continuing Educational requirements. You will receive Certificates of Completion for Paralegals, Legal Secretaries as well as Attorneys. We will make appropriate announcements once all elements are finalized. This means you'll only need to rely on THORNHILL, not just for your Program Courses to begin your New Career, but to keep you up to date and in Good Standing with the State Bar along the way. .

Q: On your Employer Job Staff Section you have mention of intern positions. What benefits are there to taking on an internship while taking one of the LFC courses and what should I consider before taking it?

A: Normally an internship with a firm does not pay or pays very little. In turn the company provides you with the opportunity to get actual 'hands on' experience, and yes, you can use that in your resume. Many top executives and CEOs have at one time or another taken on an internship/Externship. Not all internships are alike and the number of hours you put in 'should' correspond with the value you get from the internship. However, always remember the Golden rule of professional athletes when training, 'It's not the time you put in, it's what you put into the Time!' In this case it would also be 'what you Get out of the Time!'Of course you would also want to ensure that you are offered hours that correspond to your classes. Think of taking your courses as an education and an internship internship/Externship as training, often times, and valuable training experience. Always be sure to ask the degree of interaction you will 'receive' as an intern prior to signing on with a firm. If is it strictly administrative and phone answering it will not be the same value as actual course related experience. When applying for an internship/Externship position be sure that you will 'take away' something from the experience. This will help you take on a position with more confidence and justify the no or low pay internship position. And don't forget, if you do take on an internship position; be sure to get a recommendation from your employer or owner of the firm when leaving. Letters of recommendation are like collecting stock in your career.

Q: The Reviews on the LFC site show great comments from graduates and students for your Paralegal, Legal Secretary and Human Resource courses, do you offer any additional Sources and Tips for enhancing a career in these fields?

A: Absolutely, check out our growing number of Articles and Creative Tips on our Home Page. Not only will youl find our Articles mind boosters to enahnce your thinking while taking our courses, but you'll also discover some very valuable creative tips you probably have never considered or even heard of to help you build your new career in a most exciting, creative and profitable way. Just Scroll down to the New Articles Career Boosting Tips From Legal Field Careers

Q: Is financial aid available?

A: We offer 2 different Financial Plans, our plan is available to everyone. Financial aid per se is not offered for an Extension program however money is usually not an issue with our available plans.

Q: Are there any Payment Plans that would help me pay for the Paralegal Program?

A: Yes, we have a plan that really lowers the monthly payment so it is very affordable. Call us and we will go over the available plans and we will work hard to get you in our program.

Q: Is attendance important?

A: Some classes do not give formal tests but are graded on PARTICIPATION ONLY so your
ATTENDANCE is vital. This method of grading is at the discretion of the instructor.
With those classes you cannot make up a failing grade. Remember, failing key modules or multiple modules will keep you from graduating. Each class is a building block. Part of your learning process is learned analysis; it’s not easy and it is a process that is based on regular attendance. Be timely and come to every class.

Q: You are in the Job Training office, does that help me for job placement?

A: The Extension office is now under the Job Training banner. Job Training has placed over 15,000 job seekers into new positions. Our Job Training support, while limited, adds a strong network component to help you secure your New Career.

Q: How does the Extension Program help with finding a job?

A) In several ways, as follows:

1. We offer a private Job-Board for our students;

2. A monthly ‘Job Club’ is held on campus where 100s of leads are posted, recruiters come and staff is available to review resumes;

3. Job referrals from Instructors who are working professional;

4. Local businesses directly, due to our program’s excellent reputation in the community.

5. Visit our newly updated Employer Job Recruitment Section for the latest job postings and intern positions

Q: Is LAVC accredited?

A: Los Angeles Valley College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), an institutional accrediting body recognized by the Commission on Recognition of Post-Secondary Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education.

Q: LFC provides courses to LAVC, Is LAVC a Community College?

A) Yes, Los Angeles Valley College is a State Accredited Community College.

Q: Will I have the education I need from this program?

A: Yes, with our Paralegal Program you will be a Paralegal qualified through education and training to perform substantive legal work that requires knowledge of legal concepts, evaluation, organization, analysis and communication of relevant facts.

Q: What is Credit vs. Not-for-Credit?

A: All Extension courses are not-for-credit meaning, which means that no units or government funding attaches to students. Students are taking an Extension course to pursue a ‘Direct Path’ to a career. This is not vocational per se, but a pathway to the legal profession.

Q. Can I transfer these credits to another school?  

A.  We have recently arranged, with a limited number of universities,  the ability for you transfer and obtain credit toward a four year accredited degree.  You will be able to complete a BA degree in only, approximately, 2 1/2 years after completing our program. We are also working on a program that will similarly allow you credit toward an AA degree, but those arrangements are still in the workings.  We can not provide any information on this aspect until it is finalized.

Q: Is there a big test at the end of the program?

A: No, all testing is done as you go and as the material is current to you. Although there is no official transcript (that’s only for credit courses), students do receive a grade for each class. Each module must have grading criteria for successful completion. This is accomplished by the instructor of record for the particular class since they hold the necessary expertise.

Q: I have heard the term ABA, is this program ABA?

A: It isn’t, and you may not want it to be. Don’t be misguided by the emphasis others give it. Our program surpasses and gives a wider range of learning than any other program. I believe you should find the paralegal school that works for you and your particular needs. The education that fits into your lifestyle and your budget is something that only you can determine. You should find the best program for you, and not be swayed by what you hear from others, who really have little knowledge on the subject. Decide what you really need and where you want to attend to get you where you want to go. Nationwide, there are a large number of paralegal programs that meet the ABA standards but do not pursue ABA approval because of the costs associated with the process. There is a significant fee to join ABA. Remember that all costs are passed down to students through higher tuition.

Q: Is there an Externship requirement? If so, what is it?

A: Yes, and you want there to be one. The Externship component requires students to either volunteer their time in an approved legal clinic, government entity, or any other qualified legal environment where they would be supervised by attorneys, and/or by attending pre-approved continuing legal education classes (online, recorded, or classroom). The Externship component requires a minimum of 18 hours. The objective behind this component is to introduce the student to working in the legal environment

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