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Legal Secretary

Legal Secretary - Maximizing Your Career Potentials
By: Ric Riccobono

As a Legal Secretary student are you just interested in any 'job', or do you want the Best job, maybe even your own business?

Understanding Your Career and Some Diverse Opportunities

As a student of LAVC you have your own reasons why you choose a particular career path. For those of you who have chosen the Legal Secretary Career courses you should be fairly familiar with the duties of a LS assistant, so this article is for you. You do have some options available to you and depending on your character and personality; you may find this article of some of value to you. For example, becoming a Legal Secretary may afford some opportunities that exceed the act of simply trying to get a good secretary or executive secretary job. Consider one fact, many businesses can't afford to hire an in-house attorney, but need someone with some legal understanding plus they have need for a Secretary. That's were hiring a Legal Secretary may be of great interest to a small to medium sized business in as much as they would be getting both a Secretary and a Legal Assistant who has certain legal knowledge above that of an average secretary. This might include the proper channels to file legal forms, alert them for various legal issues the company might run across and many other assets that might accompany a well-educated Legal Assistant.

This may also serve as an opportunity for a higher rate of pay as you would be serving dual needs. While the sound of being an Executive Secretary, one who is responsible for assisting the executives in the office, may be interesting keep in mind that an Executive Legal Secretary you can bring much more value to the a firm. A Legal Secretary or Executive Legal Secretary

Throughout the LFC Legal Field Careers website you will find articles on various aspects of the Legal Career Courses at LAVC. The LS job functions have been discussed in several ways on the site, but there are also many temporary legal jobs which may lead to full-time work especially when the employer is pleased with your work. Strong computer skills are obviously a very important aspect of legal assistant jobs. Managing projects for the attorneys and performing research are other examples of some key parts of the Legal Secretary job description.

Learn to promote yourself.

Can you act as an attorney? No

Can you give legal advice? No, but you can advise in the proper areas of your Legal Secretary education.

Can you act as a regular Secretary, Yes, of course.

As a LS you would and should, be familiar with all of the work skills required of most secretarial positions, such as computer, certain software knowledge, databases, fax machines, photocopiers, scanners, various telephone systems, video conferencing equipment and more. As a Legal Secretary you would have experienced in all of those, plus you would bring your knowledge of legal duties frequently performed at any lawyers’ office. So you can see how you would have a major advantage over other candidates.

Let's discuss some common ground rules for consideration with regards to starting your Legal Secretary career.

Grammar – P's and Q's

First off, how's your CV - 'Curriculum Vitae' - Grammar, be honest and rate yourself, ask others to give you an honest opinion. You may not be expected to write like Shakespeare, but you don't want to sound like you just graduated from Romper Room either.

In reference to a recent survey performed by the recruitment consultancy Nicoll Curtin: they asked over 500 companies this very scenario, an overwhelming 65 percent pointed to CV errors as their ultimate annoyance. As you do not to want to fall into that 65% zone, work on it. Understanding your shortfalls and improving or correcting them can be a major plus, while taking your Legal Secretary courses at LAVC. Also, ask your instructors to analyze your shortfalls, which can result in a hidden cause of the lack of job offerings. Improve your self-worth by making notes on your shortcomings and strengthening them.

Good communication skills are a very important aspect of any job.

Understanding your abilities, your talents, your strong-points and weak areas is how you build value into your career and there's absolutely no time like during your courses at LAVC to build those crafts. Make your mistakes here so LAVC Instructors can correct them before you make them in your career, that's why you're here and that's why they're here, to help You get the best out of...'You!'.

Virtual Legal Secretary

In one of our most recent articles we discussed becoming a VP Paralegal and illustrated how forming your own business is an interesting possibility. The same can work for LS as well. In principle a Virtual LS would be the same, except in this case you would be your own company and instead of having a boss, you'd have a client. This could result in developing a business of your own. We'll get into this area a little more in future articles.


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