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Legal Secretary vs Paralegal
reative Use of Titles for Diverse Marketing
by Ric Riccobono - Executive Director

Titles that you have earned can be important to you in numerous ways. Hopefully you have discovered some of the numerous avenues of career opportunities that we have covered in our Articles at our site. One such career path is a Legal Secretary and/or Paralegal. The 'Title' in your career pursuit can be important, so consider it before initiating either course at either LAVC, SMC or NIU..

If you ask 100 pre-course students to identify what the 'legal association' was before they signed up for one of our Legal Career courses they would almost all say that they wanted to work in the legal field arena. However, once in the program, the thinking process begins to include outside of the legal industry. Here's where you may find that a creative use of your Title can give you an edge. Let's take a look at a few samples using both Legal Secretary - LS and Paralegal - PL.

The first step you should take would be to put yourself in the position of understanding the many business functions of a particular business, such as procedures, sales (marketing), operations, leasing, procurement, and positions normally involve forms, document filings, legal policies and guidelines to adhere. This is where you can step in and make yourself, what can be referred to as 'An Increased Value Employee.'

By approaching a firm that is looking for a Secretary or Executive Secretary type position is your value from having graduated from THORNHILL's Legal Field Career class either as a LS or PL. Both of those require you to have the knowledge of basic business practices such as using computers, business or legal related software that your THORNHILL education will give you.

While both Legal Secretary and a Paralegal have their strong suits in adding an increased value to most businesses, it must be said that between the two titles, the PL obviously is one more geared toward the legal firm as it has a higher degree of substance to it but, if you want to pursue the LS title it does not mean that you cannot be very creative. Even with that being said, there is a ‘Value Added’ element of the creative use of a title.

In summary, the real value in all of this is very simply a bonus for those of you who are the type that often find themselves seeking change, and those changes can be very rewarding if you use the skills and tools you have earned and developed, and as a THORNHILL Legal Fields Careers graduate, you will have value.

Be reassured that while we may not be able to help you make your decision of whether or not you want to change your career, the THORNILL program will certainly provide you a unique career investment.

THORNHILL Educational Systems
Ric Riccobono - Director

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Ric Riccobono / Director


Written by Ric Riccobono, Attorney at Law
Director LAVC Extension Program

Collaboration with
Bob Schott

Actor-Producer-Director with over 28 Years in the Entertainment Industry
Who's Who in America and the World 2006-2013

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