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Welcome to the LAVC legal and medical assisting career courses. We are now offering a fantastic bonus for new registrants by way of new lower prices for fall classes.
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In one of our recent articles we discussed that student debt had surpassed the national credit card debt. Planning for a high paying career has caused much concern for students seeking to find a way, as source, an opportunity to be able to secure career.

Now LAVC and THORNHILL Education Systems has outdone themselves. Not only by opening up new locations, such as Valley Glen and West Hills, but by further lowering the cost for graduation!

Now those students’ seeking a Paralegal, Human Resource and Medical Assisting Career with  LDA and aPHR accredited bonus certificate can come to Los Angeles Valley College and graduate debt free. Graduate in a little over 7 months and start a new life, a proud life and a financially rewarding life. You’ll start to earning debt free money while others are still paying and still in school.
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LAVC's Accredited Programs has students and gradautes from all over Southern California.

Valuable Support Tools

THORNHILL provides students with powerful career boosting resource information other schools simply don't include. We encourage you to read through our articles and, extremely valuable, career tips. Here you'll find some advanced, creative, and solid methods to employ in your career planning.

Just some examples are:

Can Paralegals Earn More than Some Attorneys?

Start Your Legal Document Service for LESS than $5700

Career Defense Secret against Robotic Replacement

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You Won't Find Accredited Career Course BONUS Opportunities Anywhere but at LAVC!

Certifications from completed accredited courses that you’ll receive at LAVC enhance employment value because it represents documented proof of expertise.

Highly Suggested Reading:

For those of you jumping into the Paralegal Career Field that haven't already read one of our previous Articles you might find Paralegals vs Legal Document Assistant - LDA one to take a look at now since it is fresh in your mind. Note: At the time we wrote the PL vs LDA article the New LDA Bonus course offered at LAVC was not yet available, so you'll now see the great benefit of this career 'add-on' bonus. Also Check out the Full LDA Course Details, Summary and Very Affordable Cost!

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Take some Time to Review the various Extension Programs available to  you, read our one-of-a-kind unique Articles and Tips on enhancing your Career and watch our Videos to learn more, BUT...

Keep in mind, that keeping up to date is Mandatory and helpful to building your career. Remember, at THORNHILL, you have a CAREER not a job.

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Thornhill educational systems TES career coursesTHORNHILL Educational Systems provides Paralegal, Legal Secretary and Human Resource along with Administrative and Clinical Medical Assisting Credited Courses in Partnership with NIU College for LAVC.
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