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While this article is not written to go after a Pulitzer Prize, you may find it the most valuable article you have read if you are seeking a Paralegal Career (PL) and want to go into business for yourself as a Legal Document Assistant (LDA). Of course, those seeking to land that career and work for a Law firm are more obvious, this discussion will focus on those seeking to go into business for themselves with our PL and LDA career.

1 Climbing the Corporate Ladder

This one is for those who are strictly seeking a High Paying Career in the Legal Field as a Paralegal, going after the promotions, salary guarantees, pensions, medical benefits, days off, paid leaves, etc. that are all a part of applying your education and career in working for a firm. Getting your Certificate at LAVC provides you with a the best possible start, and some graduates have even stated that they receive comments from some employers/firms that they almost seem 'overqualified', which says a lot for the education.

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2 PL/LDA - Gain PL Experience and Start your Own Business as a LDA

Consider first gaining experience for a couple years, working for a firm, to learn the inside ropes and save money to start your own business. This has some additional benefits with it; if you do a good job you can build a reference of sources for your business when you do start up. THORNHILL and LAVC are now offering the perfect support with the New LDA Bonus course.

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Paralegal legal document assistant career course

Start Your Own LDA Biz or Climb the Corporate Ladder!
by Ric Riccobono - Director

First, consider that as a PL student or potential PL student you should know by now that 'Pro-Per' is short for "propria persona," which is Latin for "for oneself." This is usually applied to a person or persons who represent himself/herself in a lawsuit or other legal matters, rather than hiring an attorney, thereby avoiding attorney fees. Don't be surprised when to learn that there are some attorneys who don't know what the term ‘Legal Document Assistants’ represents. As a self-employed PL/LDA you cut out the middle man, so to speak, and market directly to those clients. As an employee of a firm your client of course would be 'The Firm', but as your own Business your clients would be the general consumer or shall we say 'Mr. or Ms. Pro-Per, and in many cases the same clients the firm would be handling, except on a more limited basis and we'll cover what that entails shortly.
Keep in mind that there is a huge market for those individuals who simply want to handle their legal cases themselves, but have absolutely no idea of how/where/when they must do their filings and/or responses. This is where the PL/LDA comes in. Realize this; by taking it upon yourself to take the New LDA Bonus course offered by THORNHILL Educational Systems for LAVC you have just expanded both your value and your capabilities to start your own business and market to the 'Pro-Per' clients.

A Quick Look at the Job Classification Comparison

While the Explanations or definitions of the Paralegal vs LDA comparisons are hardly copyrighted patented information, the variation in the job classifications are pretty simple. First off: a paralegal, also known as a legal assistant, is a professional who is qualified to assist lawyers in providing legal services or litigation support. Only a LDA - legal document assistant can work directly for the 'non-represented' consumer. There are rules and regulations to follow, such as needing to have a current bond and to be registered with the county in where they work. Legal document assistants can help clients with a wide array of litigation/legal 'support', not 'representation', and at a much lower rate than dealing with an attorney directly.


Yes, there are numerous Bond Companies out there that will customize your Bond for you and offer great rates and deals. You can check them out and see the coverage and costs for yourself, you should also follow us on Twitter for some really interesting resources: at Two, by way of example only, are Surety Bonds and Bond Express. Ok so you want to know 'how much' ok, Bond Express for example advertises that their 'Good Credit Price' for a California Legal Document Assistant Bond is $437.50 for a 2 year term. With, only a 4 week course you can get your LDA at LAVC - and you should jump on this one right away. Think about it, you can’t find a lower price for a career with a wide potential like this.

LDA Outline

Basic Qualifications: To qualify as a Legal Document Assistant, a person must:
Register - Post a $25,000 Bond - This does not mean that a Bond Costs $25,000 just the coverage.
Establish that he or she has a minimum level of experience and/or education from an accredited program. LAVC program is not only the best; it’s one of only a few available.

The Contract
Every Legal Document Assistant is required to use a Contract. The Contract will provide appropriate notice to the Legal Document Assistant’s customers regarding the scope of the customers’ rights and the Legal Document Assistant’s duties. This Bill was passed for your protection.


In California, paralegals are regulated by California Business and Professions Code section 6450.
Today the rules applying to Paralegals have changed somewhat. Legal Document Assistants were historically known as or referred to as Independent Paralegals. But - as of January 1st, 2000, only those Paralegals working directly for attorneys may now be referred to as Paralegals. However, those formerly known as Independent Paralegals are now officially known as Legal Document Assistants (LDAs). It’s important to know that LDAs while Paralegals, are REQUIRED by law to be registered and bonded.

As a point of interest, many law firms hire third party LDA's for their processing needs, not as full time employees, as they only have to pay them on a 'per-job' basis and avoid the benefit payouts.

LDA Summary: LDA
Cannot independently prepare documents or set or accept fees from a consumer unless they follow the rules and regulations we lay out in our program.
Cannot represent you in court
Cannot give you legal advice
Cannot work as LDAs unless meets and conforms with all California Law

Help Pro Per Litigants doing self-representations
Prepare all types of legal documents and File and Serve Motions with the courts
Provide Litigation Support, not to be confused with Legal Counsel

For those of you jumping into the Paralegal Career Field that haven't already read one of our previous Articles you might find Paralegals vs Legal Document Assistant - LDA one to take a look at now since it is fresh in your mind. Note: At the time we wrote the PL vs LDA article the New LDA Bonus course offered at LAVC was not yet available, so you'll now see the great benefit of this career 'add-on' bonus. Also Check out the Full LDA Course Details, Summary and Very Affordable Cost!

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