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Paralegal Career Adventures
The Unusual, The Creative and The Unique
by Ric Riccobono - Director
July 30, 2014

Not one to follow the 'crowd', don't like feeling like a Sheep in a herd? You say you really want to be a Paralegal but you think you may get bored in a couple months working at a typical Paralegal Litigator job-in-a-box? A long time friend of ours who used to be a general manager at some of So Cal's leading auto dealers used to say, when asked, “why would someone pay that for a car like that?”. His answer was simple, “that's why they make all those flavors of Ice Cream!”

In our articles we always try to give you many flavors of Legal Career Ice Cream. In reality, some of our articles are, if not actual lessons in and of themselves, valuable exercises to supercharge your brain matter and help you to hone in on your career goals.

Well, there are careers and jobs for Paralegals that are not only found in places you'd least expect, but are actual Paralegal Adventures of their own, and they’re out there awaiting those of you willing to seek them out. Plus there are some nice rewards that go along with them. With Legal Field Classes we always try to give you something to think about, something to challenge your brain. While we've covered some interesting Paralegal, Human Resource and Legal Secretary opportunities in past articles, such as 'Becoming a Freelance Recruitment Consultant', Virtual Paralegal, etc., we thought we'd take this a step further from the norm' and take you on an adventure in what could be a bit more on the unusual, creative or unique side.

With Lotteries available in over 90% of all States, here's one you probably never thought of: A Paralegal at a State Lottery, like Arkansas for example. If you work for the Arkansas Lottery Commission, you'll have a profitable ticket. A lottery paralegal makes $53,109 per year, while a paralegal for the Judicial Disability and Discipline Commission is listed as a grade C117, or $34,324 per year.

You can compete for the 'Usual' Paralegal Job if you want to feel safe or go for the 'Unusual' and make a niche for yourself and some bigger bucks in the process. What kind of Unusual, Creative and Unique Paralegal jobs you ask? The following is just a short list the adventurous career potentials and it’s far from a complete list.

The Unusual
Paralegal at World Wide Wrestling – Wrestling? That's right, it's a big businessParalegal Specialist at NASA or JPLContracts Paralegal for Major Musical Events such as Operas, the NY or LA Philharmonic Orchestras, Operas and Event Centers.

The Creative

Paralegal - one of the Top Thoroughbred Racing venues in the U.S. such as the Kentucky Derby, Belmont or Breeders cup. Paralegal for Internationally Branded clothing manufacturers such as Versace, Valentino Guess, Gucci, or one of the most expensive brands in the world, Prada. We discussed 'Fashion Paralegal' briefly in our Article on Paralegal Niches you can read on our site. Forbes has compiled a list of government jobs to apply to that include:

A Paralegal Specialist with the city of Long Beach, CA where the pay ranges from $51,805 to $97,658.

A Paralegal Specialist with the city of Los Angeles Harbor Port of San Pedro.

The Unique
A Paralegal with the United Nations or Contract Entertainment or Litigation Paralegal at Movie Studios, one we've discussed in previous articles. A Paralegal for one of those court shows on TV. Contract Paralegals for World Billionaires and their special organizations or foundations, such as Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

American Paralegals working Globally in major countries and provinces such as London, Dubai, Brussels, Hong Kong, Netherlands, etc. Many of the country’s wealthiest individuals have established organizations that can certainly use a qualified Paralegal. Then there's Paralegals for the CIA or FBI and Paralegals with Indian Reservations and Casinos, and there are plenty of them.

We've said this before and it's worth saying again, there are many companies out there, in all categories that may not want to hire a staff attorney, but would benefit greatly by having the next best thing, a qualified Paralegal. Once you have completed your Paralegal Course with us, you’re not limited to a typical law office.

Written by Ric Riccobono, Attorney at Law
Course Provder forLAVC Extension Program

Collaboration with: Bob Schott
Actor-Producer-Director with over 28 Years in the Entertainment Industry
Who's Who in America and the World 2006-2013


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