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Paralegal Niches and Opportunities
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Paralegals Niches
Industry, Technology and Conflict Specialties!

By Ric Riccobono
January 28, 2014

Our instructors at LAVC know you are not just taking the Paralegal Career Courses simply to get college credits. More than likely you have chosen this field as your career endeavor. In previous articles we have discussed several avenues open for Paralegals; this writing is intended to expand to some of those areas. Let's take a look at some that are just waiting to take advantage of how some senior level paralegals have made themselves invaluable in many different industries.


Do you know that senior level paralegals are actually required in many industrial firms? These firms include exotic to fashion. As we mentioned before, paralegals are not just limited to jobs at law firms and many medium to larger corporations find by having knowledgeable paralegals that are savvy to their specific functions provide the company with a big asset. For example, the fashion and apparel industry has exploded and because a great deal of money has come into the industry from private equity it's altered how the industry operates. This has become a potential new avenue for smart paralegals interested in these business classifications. In these businesses, where acquisitions and mergers are common place a Senior Paralegal has become almost a necessary job category.

For all of those who want to follow your passion and desire to work in the fashion industry, but can't sew, design or walk on a runway, this may provide an interesting alternative. Now is the time to create positions in an industry that holds an interest for you. Just a few other examples that will need paralegals are IP, copyright, trademark, litigation, real estate and other corporate jobs.


Now how about the increased demands for paralegals in the technology area? Advancing Computer technology and info-management in the law office has grown from the standard word processing and data-basing to creating Hollywood-style productions for courtroom presentations. This advancement in technology has created a new legal career niche that merges the skills of a paralegal and a computer specialist into a legal technology specialist, more commonly known as a litigation technology support specialist. . So, if you have a knack for technology, then this may be a new avenue you can offer and bring to the table to any law firm, a Paralegal with an edge. The moral to all of this is that if you're interested in expanding your paralegal career then you need to open up and expand on those areas you already have a niche and interest in. You may just find yourself commanding a higher pay rate along with an interesting job opportunity at the same time.

Conflicts and Confidentiality Specialist

We've just offered you a couple of interesting niche's to review, now let's take a look at a damage control matter all Paralegals must be on the lookout for but, often don't consider. One of the main reasons clients hire lawyers is for independent legal advice. Clients expect both morally and ethically undivided loyalty from their legal firm, including all those from within the firm, not just the lead attorney. Lawyers and paralegals are ethically obligated to avoid conflicts of interest between clients. Conflicts are also an encroachment on another very important factor for any law firm, confidentiality. As a Paralegal you must avoid both of these situations. Avoiding conflicts between existing clients is an important role of the Paralegal. It is one of the Paralegal's duties to obtain as much information as possible about a prospective client. A good Paralegal performs conflict reviews prior to the law firm entering into contract. Paralegals must be careful in checking for possible variations in client names for example, this helps to ensure that proper allocation of the client’s file is not mixed up and that memos are distributed to all essential staff. Also consider this, it's not just law firms that rely heavily on confidentiality and non-disclosure ethics, it's a major factor in the entertainment industry, technology, fashion industries and other corporations as well.

We know you're busy with your course requirements and studies so we hope these frequent articles help to provide you with some enlightening potentials while you're in the process of building your Paralegal Career.

If anyone decides to seek a technology or specific industry paralegal niche, please let us know how it goes for you,so we can share your experience with others. just becuase you've graduated doesn't mean your forgotten! - Ric


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Now's the time to consider all your options before you graduate. Talk with others in the field of Paralegal you think you may be interested in, talk to those who work for law firms and talk to those in business for themselves, such as Document Filers and Virtual Paralegals, as those questions, your instructors are here to help!

And most importantly, whatever avenue you choose, Ccomplete your graduation and land that GREAT ‘Career'!


Examples of human resources
specialties include, but not limited to

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