Strategic HR 'SHR' - Your Own HR Consultant Business
SHR May Be Your Best Weapon Against the Robotic Invasion!

SHR - Robotic Invasion Insurance
Career Advancement for HR Management or Your Own HR Business
by Bob Schott
Film-TV Professional - Who's Who in the World 2006-17 - Honorary Member: AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science)
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The NEW SHR (Strategic Human Resources) Career Advancement

It's seems straight out of a 1950's sci-fi movie: Earth vs the Attack of the Robots. Except it's not, it's here and it's become an imminent factor that's reported on daily in media across the globe. Over the last several years we've provided some very valuable Articles on how to magnify your new Paralegal and Human Resource Career efforts. Many young college students are becoming concerned about which direction to take as the AI (Artificial Intelligence) factor threatens society's work force with what seems like more and more jobs lost due to automation. Well, we were one of the first to introduce this timely factor and how you can defend against it. With LAVC's recession proof PL (Paralegal) and HR (Human Resource) WASC Accredited courses you'll learn ever-relevant skill sets  from esteemed instructors such as Jonathan Arnold, Esq.,lead Paralegal Instructor, Human Resource and Prevention of Harassment and Descrimination Instructor, that relate to tried-and-true, well-defined critical thinking, the aggregate of which may very well be your best ammunition and career building tool - Creativity.

Therein lies your advanced career weaponry, creativity. In the case of HR we are now at the stage that you should be looking 'only' at SHR (Strategic Human Resource(s), a fast trending phrase you'll be hearing more of. While combining strategies for your career with a creative mind set, you'll not only be a prime candidate for promotions and even propel yourself towards a great high paying HR Management job (CAREER), but with our new aPHR (Associate Professional in Human Resources) Bonus course, you can also set out on your own and be self-employed as in a HR Consultant opportunity.

shr strategic human resource career advancement

The HR Consultant Business

For most of you the obvious reason for deciding on taking the HR courses at LAVC would be to land that high paying job. However, there are those of you who want to 'go-it-alone' as they say and be your own boss and start your own HR Consutant Outsourcing Business. So let's take a look at the outsourcing or independent contractor potential.

As a HR consultant you would actually be providing HR functions for other businesses or organizations just as a HR Manager would for a firm. You would be hiring, even analyzing a firm's hiring-policy to overseeing or developing systems of evaluating employees’ value to the firm and rating employee performance, etc. You would also enlist management to sit in on interview processes to ensure that 'right fit' for the company. Creativity is the one element that is very hard pressed to be built into a machine, so do yourself and your career a favor...don't think like one!

shr career advanced tips

Why Outsource for HR?

There are many reasons businesses hire a HR Consultant or (Outsource) not the least of which is they would not have to pay for insurance or many of the benefits normally due their staff, plus they get an 'outside' unbiased element into their firm, something that can be a bit problematic at times in the normal HR position job. Stop and think of why. One reason is that the HR manager has a distinct decision to make when it comes to looking out for the staff or looking out for the firm. The HR Manager gets their compensation and yes raises directly from the executive level, but on the other hand has a job function compelling them to be a liaison for the staff, sometimes not an envious position to be in.


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Tips on Exceeding in Your New SHR Career

Now that I've got you thinking, let's up the ante here and reveal some tips on exceeding in your career with your own HR firm. First off, have you sat down and actually given thought to what it is you liked about jumping into a career in HR? If not, do so now, you may find it fits almost unconsciously with elements of your own inherent character, such as; do you have strong abilities in analytical areas, great interaction in personal relations with others, etc.?

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By writing down all of your character traits that could even remotely be implemented in the HR work environment, you'll find some great ammunition you probably didn't consider applicable. Here are just a few:

- Are you creative, and yes, you'll know if you are or if your more logical.

- Organization: Here's a tricky one, great salesmen often have the messiest desks, and seem completely unorganized. So is HR a sales job? Well no... or is it? Isn't it valuable to be able to sell yourself to those you have to interact with as being someone credible that they can rely on and actually enjoy interacting with? One of the most powerful forms of advertising many creative Ad Agencies recommend on various levels is: "Sell Yourself...and you'll sell your Business!" No one sets up a meeting with a brick wall, you deal with people. And - this all plays into how well you work with people.

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So let's see how you stack up on a few of these:

How is your percentage on judging one's character - on that very first meeting? The higher the better for the HR business.

Can you jump in and be a diplomat when tensions arise? Yes, you'll know if you're any good at that one too.

Here's one that LAVC's aPHR Bonus course will certainly give you an edge with:

Could you advise executive management on their own compensation and benefits packages and especially their own organization's policies, see their flaws and actually point them out to them in a manner that impresses instead of alienates? Do that and you can write your own ticket, you'll generate more referrals than you could get if you advertised for them!

Here's one last one to consider:

You also may be asked if you are comfortable valuating legal compliance issues, and that can frequently occur in a variety of ways in the process of normal HR functions. What about after completing your HR course and aPHR Bonus course here at LAVC, you took the PL and LDA courses? You'd then have a set of full blown SHR and aPHR, Paralegal and LDA (Legal Document Assistant) Certifications. Can you see what kind of business you could start up or chance for a high-paying career with a firm holding that stack of credentials? Just a thought! Perhaps that could be a follow-up after you've started making your way in the HR business. Not selling used cars here, just another way to get you thinking 'CREATIVELY' which is what our unique course supporting advanced tips and articles on the Legal Field Careers site are all about.

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So remember, thoughts can lead to solutions...but only if you act on them. So do just that and register today!
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Jonathan Arnold entertainment attorney lead PL Instructor
Written in Collaboration and Revision with
Jonathan Arnold, Esq.
*Lead Paralegal Academy Instructor

* Human Resource and - Prevention of Harassment and Descrimination Instructor
* Upcoming New Director for LAVC Extensions BEGINNING April 2018

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