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aPHR an 'Excel'erated Path to HR Management
by Ric Riccobono - Director LFC and LAVC Extentions Programs

You've Chosen Your Career...Now Take Extra ACTION!

Tips and Inside Information on the High Paying HR Management Career!
While we have covered many topics, here's one that will give you an inside approach at developing a strategy to become a highly paid HR Manager. This is just one more way THORNHILL gives you an edge of over other college courses that simply give you generic sales pitch, sign you up, and then shut the door behind you when you graduate. Don't just think HR, think HR Management as a career, read on to see why and how.

aPHR Associate Professional in Human Resources - 'The Basics'

First off, let's just review a few basics and take a briefaPHR bonus career course for Human Resources look at some statistics, not opinions, just facts. You already know the basics of what goes into starting your career in Human Resources, so let's take this a giant step forward to earning your HR Management title.

A Brief Overview

Human resources managers oversee an organization’s recruitment, interview, selection, and hiring processes. Refer to the Quck Stats in the right column.

aPHR a Low Cost High Valued Supplement
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You can boost your career to become a human resource manager with the Associate Professional in Human Resources supplement course. The aPHR is the first-ever HR certification for professionals who are just beginning their HR career journey. An excellent way to Increase your status and value in your effort to seek to become a highly paid HR Manager THORNILL is proud to provide you this great career boost at a low cost, with payment plans and fast completion.

Your aPHR Exam Overview

Let's take a look at some elements you might expect in taking your aPHR Exam. Keep in mind, these may or not be all inclusive of what you'll be required to pass here with TES LAVC's course, but it helps to get you thinking and give you a heads up!


To be eligible for the aPHR you must have a high school diploma or global equivalent am complete the LFC Human Resource academy courses. There is no HR experience required since this should be considered an increased Supplement to your HR course credentials. Not such a major task for the 'XTRA' credential it brings with it.

Your aPHR certification is valid for three years after completion. To maintain your aPHR credential, you must earn a number of recertification credits over a three-year time span or retake the exam, something you can ask your instructor about, but not a daunting experience.

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Benefits of Being a Human Resource Manager

Ok then, so you've decided on your career, and as discussed; now it's time to make the most of it. Build that strong foundation to give you that Competitive Edge. While there is plenty of hard work and responsibility associated with the HR Management position, there are also those considerable 'Bonus' advantages that should encourage you to pursue this position, and they may be more that you have heard. Let's take a quick look at a few of them.
Your aPHR certification is valid for three years after completion. To maintain your aPHR credential, you must earn a number of recertification credits over a three-year time span or retake the exam, something you can ask your instructor about, but not a daunting experience.

The 'DEW' Advantage

Ever hear of it, do you know what that means? It's a frequently used Military acronym of great importance, one that can mean the difference between defeat and victory, it means 'Distant Early Warning', meaning, an advanced information front to any intrusions or occurrences as they pertain to CCO (Command Center Operations) thereby affording time advantage to react to any unforeseen actions or surprises, or in the business sense, inter firm/organizational events or personnel changes. As a HR Manager you will be in-on and one-of the first to know when something important or ground shaking is going to happen within the company.

As the firm's HR Manager you will be an integral part of the company, you'll know what and how upper management or outside influences are projected to affect the firm. As an example, things such as layoffs, pay cuts, company mergers, company relocations, and yes, even dealing with unions, etc., will all be a part of your daily functions, the list of potential actions can be lengthy, depending on the depth and size of the firm you are working for. As a HR Manager you will need to exhibit great employer/employee relations and also should exhibit a certain amount of concern for those in the firm in which you are in charge, remember, you are being paid to help others. Having advance knowledge of surprise events and/or actions of your company will give you valuable time to react and come up with a plan to deal with it. It will also give to you something else you may not have counted on, that being the look of power you will have, and that can be a responsibility of another kind, and one you may not have considered, but one that if used in a good and strategic way, will reward you with a sense of feeling you just helped someone. Just remember, power is one thing, learning how to harness and use it is for benefit and good is another. So consider this in your equation of seeking that high paying career as a HR Manager and prepare your own DEW options in the process, you'll raise the eyebrows of the top exec's in the firm and gain a lot of respect in your ability to handle this inherent responsibility that you did not consider as a valuable element of your new position.

Knowledge or Wisdom
A management position in human resources seems to carry with it a bit more in the Wisdom Category; perhaps 'Sensible Wisdom' may be more in order. Why? Simply because of the position you choose and the authorities you are empowered with in the firm. You may find yourself in a position that even some Department heads may seek your advice and counsel, and on more than just a topic or two.

Your Most Important Reward
Can you think of what it is before reading on?
While you can refer to BLS pay averages listed in the beginning of this article, your most important pay-off may be in the fact that you will be in the key position of having dealt with both personnel and top level executives in the company. That coupled with being relied upon for so many various company concerns and interests, as well as a thorough working knowledge of all company procedures and policies, not to mention the union and labor laws that protect your own job, you will end up with the Reward of increased 'Job Security', something amiss in the BLS statistical reports put out.

In Summary
There you have it, so now, while you’re taking your HR Course from THORNHILL Educational Systems at LAVC or NIU College, take that 'XTRA' step and enroll in our new aPHR Bonus course supplement. You may find by doing so, you just shortened your time to climb that corporate ladder to a Human Resource Manager.

At THORNHILL, You're not Taking a Class, Your Building a Career!

Quick Facts:
Human Resources Managers

* 2015 Median Pay: $104,440 per year - $50.21 per hour

* Work Experience in a Related Occupation 5 years or more

* Number of Jobs, 2014 122,500

* Job Outlook, 2014-24 9% (Faster than average)
*Source: BLS (Bureau Labor Statistics)

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