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Administrative Medical Assistant Unique Opportunities
from LAVC - Considerations and Outlook

by Jay Askari - NIU College and Ric Riccobono - Director - LAVC

administrative medical assistant
Professional Office Administrators, a Common Asset for Business

All great and successful businesses have one basic thing in common; they all have great office administrators who they, without such person, just could not function. Moreover, it takes a special kind of person to be a fantastic office administrator – and that person could be you with your new career at LAVC.

Medical Administration Assistant positions are among the most frequently advertised and highly sought-after jobs, providing job security, variety, responsibility, opportunities to work in diverse workplaces, and an excellent general training ground. Opportunities in office administration exist in every industry, from creative to corporate to not-for-profit organizations, as well as in small and large businesses. A quick scan through some of the large job seeking websites will verify this.

To excel in a medical administration career you must have robust and a wide variety of organizational skills, communicational skills, be efficient, be able to work quickly, but also be detail-oriented. You should also be able to prioritize tasks and show a team attitude. By recognizing your strong and weak points you could improve on them while you're taking your course at LAVC. The instructors you will be learning from are top notch and are there to provide you with every opportunity to improve your chances at this highly sought after position.

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Specialist areas
Specialist administration roles such as legal or medical administration staff have some really good potential for you to build your career. Your Certification courses at LAVC will provide you with specialized knowledge of terminology and procedures unique to the law firm or medical center environment. Just as with the other Legal Career courses offered at LAVC, whereas Paralegals may be required to prepare correspondence and legal papers such as motions, complaints, summonses and subpoenas under the supervision of an attorney, administration staff in the Medical Career field need to be familiar with hospital or laboratory procedures, record-keeping, insurance rules and billing practices and understand the importance of one-on-one communication skills with patients.

  Clinical Medical Assistant vs. Administrative Medical Assistant 

While the terms are somewhat self-explanatory, Clinical Medical Assistants help with patient examinations, give patient injections, and prepare blood and other specimens for laboratory tests; they can only work under the supervision of doctors and must be able to keep health information confidential. In addition, medical assistants learn the special terminology and procedures associated with medicine. The Administrative Medical Assistant basically performs the administrative tasks and functions, as the phrase suggests. However, all assistants learn the technical vocabulary of their hiring industries. Note that medical office assistants are not the same as physician assistants, who can examine, diagnose and treat patients under doctor supervision.

Duties of a Medical Administrative Assistant
Both medical office and administrative assistants are the support behind the professionals, such as doctors, managers and technicians, to perform their jobs. The assistants provide the much needed administrative support, acting as generalists for the miscellaneous jobs needed to keep an organization running.

Certifications from completed accredited courses that you’ll receive at LAVC enhance employment value because it represents documented proof of expertise.

  Basic Different Types and Job Function Comparisons 

Hospital Medical Admin Assistant
Hospitals, the largest types of facilities in which a medical admin can work often present slightly wider ranges of responsibilities. This can often provide more chance for advancement due to the higher volume of traffic and staff associated with the facility. Remember here, however, communication skills, flexibility of schedules, as this is a 24 hour situation as opposed to a regular doctor's office all play a factor in your goals. Is the pay better? It may depend on a variety of factors, but generally the salaries are better.

Clinic Facility Medical Admin Assistant

Unlike the Hospital environment, Clinics are usually limited to fewer specialties with normal business hours and shorter work shifts. Another factor is that Clinics normally operate on appointments, so there is a decent chart of patient scheduling that can be dealt with, leading to fewer surprises. One may consider Clinics to be as Maintenance type Health facilities, check-ups, screenings, basic testing’s, etc., less 'emergency' intensive than hospitals of course.
Doctor's Office or Private Practice Medical Admin Assistant
In a normal Doctor's Office you'll be dealing with less staff or employees with fewer rules. Here it is normally expected that all staff be required to have responsibilities that expand past their normal job function. This is obvious because you may have to deal with an incoming patient and address their questions by yourself if one of the other staff members are not available. You may look at a Doctor's office as a close knit team style of operation. Generally there is only one medical Admin Assistant working in a Doctor's office.
But wait! There's another one you may not have considered!

Yes, Scientific Research and Development Fieldhigh paying administrative medical assistant careers
So while you're attending your courses at LAVC seeking your Certificate as an Administrative Medial Assistant and you want to choose the 'category type' to pursue, consider the Service Types; Scientific R&D was the highest paid at an almost approximately 20% higher rate than the other service fields according to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics). In general, faster advancements to supervisor levels are possible, work around a wider variety of medical settings, high job growth rates expected.

The Overall Job Potential Outlook

This all brings us to probably your area of most concern now that you have chosen the Administrative Medical Assistant as your career choice. No matter what service category you have chosen or decide on, the job outlook for medical assistants was far greater than that of Administrative Assistants. Growth Predictions through 2020 projects a higher demand for more medical staff. Not a bad outlook! And at LAVC you can start your career right away with payment plans for everyone and 'everyone' qualifies. So - What Are You Waiting For? Sign up today! All of our classes are limited in size, so we fill up VERY quickly.

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Medical Assistant career courses at LAVC
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Keep in mind, that keeping up to date is Mandatory and helpful to building your career. Remember, at THORNHILL, you have a CAREER not a job.
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