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Paralegal Strategy - Career Seeking Tips

'You've decided on your Career...
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Paralegal Opportunities

Law school can pose a major financial burden to many and carries with it a lengthy time of completion factor. Paralegal career courses provide a very good career alternative and can also help assist down the road should you later be in position to pursue a law degree. Paralegal is a good way to be involved in law, or many other business categories, without going through rigorous struggles. While not necessarily the rule, Paralegals often make more than many attorneys. Things are changing in the Paralegal field; online schools are getting scrutinized by many states now, so becoming a graduate of a powerful academic program like the one at LAVC provides a. incredible bonus. Go to the Reviews section on the LegalFieldCareers.com site here and see what the Inspired and Hired comments from many graduates of LAVC's Legal Field Careers program have to say.

Tips for a Paralegal getting started - PLUS important getting hired 'tools'
By Ric Riccobono - Director LAVC Legal Careers Program - Attorney at Law

First up, The Resume – Homogenized and Pasteurized, or Energized

First off you should have a strong, easy to read resume. Give it some Energy and make it look like something special. Take a tip from the insiders of the Entertainment Industry; it's all about the 'packaging'. While you may just be starting out, make your resume look like it's seasoned, make it jump out at the reader.Want to try a little harmless test-trick, once you've created your prized package resume, change the name on it and show it to a few of your professional friends and contacts and ask them to take a look at it to see how qualified this Joe or Jane Smith resume looks to them. Since it's not 'your' resume they think they're reviewing, you'll get a removed - 'straight talk' reply. Now, if you ever get called out on building a power packed appearance resume and get accused of not having the 'backup' to support it, be prepared to defend it, but don't be surprised if it impresses. Why? Because if you have what it takes to be that creative, strategic and enthusiastic then you'll most likely be given the nod to get an interview. Remember, every single job you've ever had can count as 'experience’ if used in a strategic way, and they can be transferable if used right. Maybe you worked as a clerk in a grocery or book store and managed money and had direct contact with customers and management, or maybe even a buyer. Understand this, a customer or buyer at a book or grocery store is no different in reality than a client at a law firm, why, because it's personal communication related. Don't leave something out just because it isn't Paralegal associated, because the foundation of some of those job duties helps bring some essential skills and talents to both the firm and your career.

Make yourself an 'Abilities' list

Write down every skill-experience you have acquired in your adult and teen life and dress them up a bit and see which ones you can add to your abilities list. Just don't make claims you can't support. A challenge you say? Maybe, but remember, you're already challenging yourself when you decide on building your own career. Not like some government jobs where the only challenge you have is showing up and perform repetitious non-productive duties day after day. Energize that resume, but again, don't include anything that you can't back up. If the firm asks you to ride the company horse over to the courthouse and you've never been on one, don't say you can. Do this right, and you'll be surprised at what you can legitimately come up with. Promote yourself strongly, but remember, 'If you can't Bite, don't Growl!'


Good communication and personal skills are very important, be sure to bring those front and center when pursuing your Paralegal Career.

'Patience is a Virtue'

You've heard the saying hundreds of times, but it holds true in many instances. If you're standing on the diving board while they're filling up the pool, you'd better wait until it's full before you dive. Cultivating patience can land you that sought after career, but job search desperation rarely pays off.

Mr. or Ms. Personality

What about the Personality aspect and fitting it in with a paralegal career?

Being extroverted helps, being organized is a must; being highly organized is a bonus. Being an 'idea' provider is often valued by many firms looking for new and excited personnel. Bringing fresh new ideas to a firm may help as long as it is selectively strategic, serves a direct solution and can be reasonably implemented as long as you don't come across as arrogant and opinionated, Mr. or Ms. 'Know it All' type.Additionally, completing all tasks given is a big asset.Coming straight from being a graduate obviously brings with it the least amount of experience so pull from everything you've got to illustrate diverse experience. Refer to what was discussed in the 'Resume Tips' section above. It will help you to become more successful.No one is asking you to completely change your personality, just examine the career elements needed and try to perfect those you have and develop the ones you don't. Look to the career challenges and set your Goals.Remember, the LAVC Paralegal instructors are there to help, not hinder. A great instructor that will help you is Jonathan Arnold, he's what I'd call a 'solid story teller', entertainingly educational.

Lastly, the Sole Proprietor or Large Firm Consideration - The One Man-Woman Law Firm

At first the immediate thought may be to get hired at one of those mega law firms, you know, the ones with 20 names you can't spell on the outside of the door that all went to Harvard, but that may not always be the most successful or smartest thing to seek. Don't overlook that Sole Proprietor, the one that has what it takes and the confidence to go in business by themselves and take on those large firms.

It may not be wise to think of a sole practitioner as a "hick lawyer." Avoid evaluating assumptions about where the attorney comes from or whether his or her practice has the sophisticated volume of a large firm. You should take these job opportunities offered by a small or single firm as they arise. Many a single lawyer has strong credentials with powerful clients, a question you could diplomatically ask in the way of what type of law or clients he or she specializes in, a fair question that can provide a wealth of input for your consideration, as in a sense, both of you are interviewing each other, except you may need to be much more subtle about it when applying for the position.

Often an attorney who went into business for themselves and opened up their own firm actually left a large firm to go in business for themselves and often times these single law firms whom have left larger firms have brought with them a powerhouse client list from a larger firm. Also a one person law firm may actually specialize in more than one field of law whereas some large firms only want those zillion dollar class action suits in which case you may end up in a boiler factory environment. There are pros and cons to both, so consider the opportunities wisely.

Also realize that in starting out seeking that hard to find first job to kick off your Paralegal Career, a sole attorney is much more flexible and more likely to give an entry Paralegal their first chance if they like the way you come across in your interview, especially if your training and background support their business model. Dont' forget, just because their an Attorney and you're a Paralegal each of you had to start off somewhere and someplace to get started. If you feel the right potential, then you may even start out with a fresh attorney and grow the business together, an interesting possibility you can consider.

Finally, remember this important element, the sole practitioner does not have to check with their partner or partners or have you qualify to some stiff commitee or whether or not the rest of the 10,000 staff members will like you or not. The single or dual attorney firm is the only one you'll have to get by to get that job.

Resource: Dealing with the Trick Questions in interviews, and more! Here's an interesting support article by Skip Freeman, author of "Headhunter" Hiring Secrets' that you might find interestingly useful. The Trick to Answering "Trick" Interview Questions

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