--Paralegal - LDA Career vs Lawyer Career
Can Some Paralegals Make More Money Than Some Attorneys?

A Strong Paralegal LDA Career vs Becoming an Attorney
A Quick Start Guide with a few interesting Twists

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See how you can make as much or more than some Lawyers as a Paralegal-LDA
by Ric Riccobono - Director LFC and LAVC Extentions Programs

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Paralegal, Lesser Financial Investment, Great and Growing Potential

Going to Law School is a large financial investmentLegal Career Paralegal Accreditec Courses Fast Affordable and in many cases a larger time consuming burden. Here's the little known secret, Paralegals can sometimes earn more money that some attorneys. Of course you would have to be serious about your new PL career in doing so, but yes, it can be done and is done.

One consideration many overlook is that as a Paralegal your Value to a law firm is not based on your Title. It's based on the unique skills you can provide and that alone can be just one reason there are some Paralegals making more than some attorneys. The moral to that story is the type of work a Paralegal, or especially a Paralegal/LDA, learns to perform, in essence - GET EXPERIENCE.

An overlooked process in your career building

- Perfect your communication skills
- Pursue relevant and useful support tools, such as taking LFC's LDA Course
- Learn new and unique software programs useful to the field
- Beef up your Resume by adding a little Theatrical design

Are You Analyzing Your Qualifications?

You may find you're far more qualified than you believe that you are. Herein lies your bonus, once you analyze your life experience and highlight those areas you excel in or even have had experience in, formulate your resume accordingly. As if you act like you’re more qualified than would appear, then those you are networking or seeking employment with will see that too, just be sure you can back most of it up.

Work Experience vs Skills and Talents

Too many focus on their work experience to draft their resumes. But when you're in your 20's the skills and talents that you have developed make up more of what you are than your work experience. Here is where you should focus and analyze or assess your skills and qualification summary that will give you the appearance of a strong potential value that you have to give to a firm.

I'm sure that you've researched how to draft a resume. What you're going to discover here is a new way to go about it. It’s basically a Resume inside of a Resume. Some of this would include:

- Various elements of your Paralegal Training
- Client Relations
- Computer Use and Knowledge
- Software expertise of a variety of different types
- Self-Employment

LAVC's PL and LDA Courses Offer:
Easy 2-month payment plan - and - Everyone Qualifies

Fast Career Entry vs Long and Burdensome

There are a lot of statistics available showing a variety of different stats and facts, but one that may be a real inspiration for those trying to decide on the Paralegal career vs becoming an attorney is striking. Over the last 20 years tuition for law schools has grown at a rate 4.5 times faster than the already escalating fees at 4-year schools. In 2010, law students graduating with debt owed an average of close to $100,000, with many owing well into the six-digits. Think about that, it means you would have to earn $100,000 just to break even (that doesn't even take in account normal living and other expenses).

LFC's highly acclaimed and recognized Paralegal and LDA courses are not just cost affordable, but FAST. You can graduate in ONLY 7 months. On top of that you could have 2 valued Certificates, your PL (Paralegal) and you’re LDA (Legal Document Assistant).

So you could actually be starting your own LDA Preparation business and earing big money while the others seeking to become lawyers are spending allot more time and acquiring a huge burdensome debt in the process.

THORNHILL is proud to provide you this great career boost at a low cost, with payment plans and fast completion.

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Resume Enhancement
Gain Attention 'Thru' Entertaining

The main problem with so many applicants putting together their Resume is that they leave out complexities, colorful examples of practical situations and diversity in applicable useful tools.

A Resume or Theatrical Synopsis Effect

Don’t give them just the obvious. Sell yourself through a little entertainment.

Take this concept and use it wisely. Internet websites, not unlike TV and Print ads, have about 4-8 seconds to grab someone's attention before they're onto another site, another station or another media, etc. Use that same theory in your Resume.

Make your Opening interesting and strong. It can be a way of stating your skill sets right up front. List a few short situations you've been involved in that give them a favorable transition 'before' you list your experience.

In short, think of possibly drafting or designing your resume in a custom biographical format with some added relevant theatrics. Tell your story. Don't be afraid to highlight tough tasks and interesting challenges you dealt with and how you resolved them. Problem solving can be a very good asset, especially if it was done in an interestingly or unique manner.
PL's have Options

Remember, there are other options and benefits in becoming a PL
* Freelance Paralegal independent contractors to Law Firms and small attorney offices
* Self Employed as Document preparation assistants (LDA)
* Working for small and medium sized businesses as a legal secretary position whereas you would do normal executive secretary work, but serve as a bonus to the company as having filing and document preparation abilities that they would normally have pay higher rates to have an attorney draft.

Here are some interesting facts to help motivate you to pursue your PL career

Paralegals enjoy:
* Increasingly Higher Pay Scales
* Easy Entry into the Legal Field
* Expanding Quality Employment Opportunities
* Higher Prestige Acknowledgements
* Direct Client Contacts, a Bonus
* Expansive and Encroaching Legal Services Structure to build on.

Additional Career boosters

Study this and you'll have an edge, the THORNHILL Educational Systems Edge.

But, not to leave you guessing and to support what you've just read, in closing here is something that might get your attention.

We've stated for you a variety of BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) figures before in other articles on the LegalFieldCareers.com site, one of which estimates that the average salary across the country for paralegals is $48, 790. But just to show you the potential, and there are others, here are 10 Examples of High Paying Paralegal jobs that we haven't mentioned before:
Source: Forbes and GlassDoor.com

#10 – Paralegal at Perkins - average salary: $64,714

# 9 – Flint Paralegal - average pay: $64,830

# 8 – Washington DC Paralegal - median annual wage: $64,830

# 7 – San Jose Paralegal - median annual wage of $69,000

# 6 – San Francisco Paralegal - average paralegal salary: $70,410

# 5 – Paralegal with DLA Piper - one of the largest law firms in the world: Average salary: $70,483

# 4 – Paralegal with Microsoft - Average paralegal salary: $72,000 a year

# 3 – Paralegal at Altria - Average salary: $88,418

# 2 – Case Manager at Fish & Richardson - Average salary: $92,291 for being a paralegal as a case manager

# 1 – Senior Paralegal at Allianz Global Investors - Average salary for a senior paralegal: $95,367

Average Paralegal Salary of the Top 10: $75,234
approx. $30,000 more than the national average.

By taking the THORNHILL PL and LDA courses at LAVC, doing much of what you just discovered could land a great job at a law firm and, possibly, into business for yourself. You could make that and even more and without having a Law School Graduate debt to pay off.

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