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Clinical Medical Assistant Career
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Taking an initial glance at a career in Medical Assisting shows that Medical Assistants were high on the list of Occupations with the most job growth, 2014 and projected to 2024 according to the BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics. This evaluation put out by the BLS provides an interesting look into job careers for those still deciding which one to go with. Here are a few additional interesting statistical report put out by the AAMA (American Association of Medical Assistants). According to their report, The Pacific region, which is the one you are in when you sign up for courses at NIU College, showed the highest earnings for full-time current CMAs and AMA's with averages of $34,652 annually. Also, employment benefits show that roughly 94 percent of all full-time medical assistants receive some form of benefits package from their employer. When you successfully complete your MA course you will receive a Diploma in Medical Assisting from NIU College and will be qualify to take the national test (NCCT). In addition, you are ready and able to take advantage of the benefits of your career.
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If you have considered or are considering a career in the medical field you most likely understand the basics of the field and what it includes, such as: medical assistant, clinical medical assistant (back office medical work), administrative medical assistant (front office medical work), and more.


It is important to note that those with Certifications are the most highly sought according to the AAMA. Employers often are not just paying higher wages for the CMA & AMA, they are also increasingly demanding that their medical assistants have a CMA and AMA credential. This is due in part to the overwhelming requests filed by employers for Certification verifications. This one is not hard to understand the reason for, it's all about one thing, pressure placed on employers, ie; Doctors’ offices, Hospitals, Emergency care providers, etc., for certification mandates due to potential malpractice suits. According to the AAMA, using the combination of both full- and part-time medical assistant respondents, 54 percent work in a single specialty practice, while 43 percent work in a multi-specialty setting.

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Here's where the Articles we put out at THORNHILL help you think and give you an advantage. Not only do you have to settle on the career course you want to take, but you also should examine support skills. By expanding your avenues, you can actually increase your chances of a more successful and higher paying career at the same time. This comes from familiarizing yourself with and considering incorporating Specialties into your career. If you read through the numerous Articles we have on Paralegal, Legal Secretary and Human Resource careers we have posted on the website, you'll see some unique and advanced tips on increasing your career value. The PL, LS and HR courses are offered at LAVC Los Angeles Valley College, SMC Santa Monica College and NIU College are excellent examples of expanding your career in ways you may never have thought of before.

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The demand for medical assistants is increasing the need for expansion in studies, graduates and employees, so the industry is open and far less competitive than many others where students take 4 year college courses in industry categories that are so competitive it takes the graduates years and years to pay off student loans on jobs they have a hard time getting. While employers are seeking and recruiting skilled health professionals because of their uniquely diverse clinical and administrative training, you won't be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars paying off loans before you start earning a salary.

NIU College preparation
The programs at NIU College involve a multitude of education and training including, classroom theory, laboratory procedures, learning Medisoft in computer lab. and externship in a clinic or Urgent Care. In the classroom, the main learning activities are lectures, written assignments, reading assignments, quizzes and exams, presentations, videos and more. In the laboratory, the learning activities will involve the student’s mandatory participation in performing procedures simulating real situations in order to achieve the course objectives and undergo procedural evaluations in a computer lab. Students will also learn how to use Medisoft to minimize the administrative tasks. Students will perform procedures on each other until they go to externship where students will work with actual patients in a clinical setting. Procedures include obtaining blood samples, electrocardiograms, urinalysis, ear lavage, injections (saline) and vital signs. Externship will involve the student working in an entry level position for which they have trained, so you will be starting your new career with expertise and confidence.

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