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LAVC Announces NEW PL Summer Class Starting July 12th!

YOUR Exciting New Career Awaits You but you ONLY Have 25 Chances BEFORE July 12th to Get it Going!
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Land a Great Job, Go Into Business for Yourself and Avoid Student Debt
by Ric Riccobono, Director
Debt Free Career with Business Startup Potentials
How many of your friends do you know are burdened with College Loan Debt, or maybe even graduated with little or no creative direction?

Career Minded Students are learning FAST that LAVC has a Perfect Opportunity to Build a great Career, Avoid College Debt and even Start Your Own Business.

Due to the popularity of our Paralegal and Recent Bonus Opportunity by incorporating our LDA (Legal Document Assistant) course, we have added another class starting July 12th.

Whether you plan on joining a Law firm, a Business Firm or starting your own business, the New LDA Bonus course gives you the opportunity to do it all. If you pursue a career at a Firm you bring that 'Extra' Value and if you decide to start your own business as an LDA, you can make your own career. or

Seeking a Solid Career Position

As we outlined in previous articles, The LDA Bonus Course - YOUR 'XTRA' Advantage, section, you now have choices that others just don't tell you about.

Realizing that everyone has different plans for their career let's highlight the most obvious one first, landing a great paying job at a law firm.

And don't forget, as we covered in our recent Articles, with us you won't accumulate a huge Student Loan Debt as we outline in our recent article.

Now with the 7 month Paralegal and short LDA Career Bonus Course you can add a powerful new tool/asset to your Paralegal Career. When the LDA course, offered at LAVC, is added to your PL certificate this will give you valuable new Options to your Legal Career.

Think about it this way, if you're the hiring agent for a law firm and you are considering two potential candidates for your firm - one has just their PL certificate, but the other one has both their PL and LDA certificate, which one are you most likely to hire? Which one do you think has the most favorable negotiating value? Which one has shown a serious interest in their career?

The answer is, of course... Obvious.

Starting Your Own Legal Services Business

Here's one that even the last article we wrote on Automation and AI Robotic job replacements won't affect you!

Have you considered starting your own legal document and processing business? As an LDA you can provide legal document services to the general public. We, at LFC and LAVC, make that an easy reality. A fast and affordable solution once you have completed your PL Course.

LDA's can open the door to affordable legal services to the general public as they offer a much lower-cost self-help document preparation service. Another excellent benefit for those of you considering starting your own LDA business is that the range of services is considerable, you're not limited to just one or two categories. Herein lies a fantastic marketing opportunity. If you study basic advertising and marketing strategies you'll discover unique ways of beating your competition in your ADI (Area of Demographical Influence), a term widely used in TV Advertising. Simply put, that means the demo-graphical area you serve. Everything from Business startups, LLC's and Real Estate filings and a lot in between can be services you offer. An LDA has a more diverse range of services than just a Paralegal, so for the very short additional time need to get your LDA, you might as well get the added edge.

Consider this one in your calculations, law firms, in many states, not only employ paralegals, BUT they can and will often times bill clients for their paralegal's time--anywhere from $75 to $150 an hour. Now consider that if you were to go into business for yourself as a Legal Document Processing Service, you most likely would be charging on a 'per-service' basis and then ALL of that fee would go to you/your firm. Most small business find that by charging by the job/service instead of by the hour receives a better more competitive opportunity for marketing.

Avoid Student Debt

In our April Articles and Tips Section 1.2 Trillion Reasons to Make LAVC Your Career Course Choice, we discussed that the average Class of 2016 graduate has $37,172 in student loan debt, up six percent from last year. Don't be a part of that ...beat the system!!!

You'll EARN while others are in school for years. You'll be on your way up while others are looking for their first job. Studies support that, financially, they will never catch up to you. Graduate from LAVC- PL course in 7 months and then take a short LDA course to earn your LDA Certificate.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today as seating is very limited (ONLY 25 students).

Call now for more details or just register right here online, RIGHT NOW!

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Los Angeles Valley College is Accredited by the Western Association for Schools and Colleges.

Now with 2 locations, Valley Glen and West Hills, CA.

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Written In collaboration with Bob Schott

Actor-Producer-Director- Writer with over 28 Years in the Entertainment Industry
Who's Who in America and the World 2006-2016
Honorary Member:  American Association for the Advancement of Science

NEW LAVC Paralegal Course Class Starts This July 12th!
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