ITT Technical  Institute Displaced Student Courses
Plus Great NEW LDA ' Career Bonus ' Course for Paralegal Careers!

LAVC to Help Displaced ITT Technical Institute Students!
 - On August 26th, 2016 ITT Closed All Campus Operations -

THORNHILL and LAVC Los Angeles Valley College are Here to Help
Plus Offer YOU a New LDA Course Bonus Course at LAVC Provided by THORNHILL

Have you (or someone you know) been displaced by the recent ITT Tech closure?
Los Angeles Valley College is YOUR Answer to the High Paying Career You've Been Striving For! Now you can Achieve your educational and career goals. Come Join LAVC's Successful Human Resource, Legal Secretary, Medical Assisting and Paralegal - LDA Program Career Courses, with Benefits, Discounts, Prior Credit and Bonuses!

LAVC Welcomes ITT Technical Institute Students

After more than 50 years of educating students, ITT Technical Institute has discontinued operations at all of their resident campuses. Now LAVC is accepting those students whose career courses have been cut short by offering a 'Credit' for your Prior course efforts, call for complete details.

Los Angeles Valley College is ready to help ITT Technical Institute students displaced by campus closures. New Classes Start April 5, 2017 - Plus - there is an Early Signup Discount Bonus, so what are you waiting for? Contact us Today!
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Watch the :30 PL Course Video Spot

niu TV Ad for medial and legal assistant coursesWatch one of our Recent TV Spots for Medical Assisting Courses Provided by NIU College Exclusivey for, and in Conjunction with LAVC Extention Programs.

Accredited HR, LS, Med Assist, PL & LDA Courses

LAVC offers Fully Accredited HR (Human Resource), LS (Legal Secretary), MA (Medical Assisting) and PL (Paralegal) Programs and now introduces a brand new Bonus in the form of a special LDA Course to supplement your PL Career. Financial Plans Available and EVERYONE QUALIFIES! Watch both of the Videos and See for Yourself the Benefits and Bonuses!

LAVC's Accredited Programs has students and gradautes from all over Southern California.
Plus - THORNHILL and LAVC are now offering the perfect support with the New LDA Bonus course.
*Visit the LDA PL Section for Valuable Information!
Paralegal legal document assistant career course
Fully Accredited
Low Cost
Graudate in 7 Months
Finance Plans All Qualify for
Smaller One-on-One Classes

You Won't Find this BONUS - This Easy - At This Price Anywhere but at LAVC!

ITT Tech Students - Call NOW For Complete Details!
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Watch a Paralegal Video Highlight
See How Fast, Affordable and Efficient Your New Paralegal Career can be acheived!

* Along with our Ever Popular HR (Human Resource) and LS (Legal Secretary) classes you'll be happy to know that for those of you from ITT Technical Institute that were pursuing Medical Assisting Career Courses THORNHILL and LAVC have 'You Covered'.

Through Partnering and Association with NIU College you can choose from two High-Placement Rate Medical Career Courses, Administrative and Clinical Medical Assisting.

You Won't Find Accredited Career Course BONUS Opportunities Anywhere but at LAVC!

administrative medical assistant
Administrative Medical Assisting at LAVC

Medical Administration Assistant positions are among the most frequently advertised and highly sought-after jobs, providing job security, variety, responsibility, opportunities to work in diverse workplaces, and an excellent general training ground. Opportunities in office administration exist in every industry, from creative to corporate to not-for-profit organizations, as well as in small and large businesses. A quick scan through some of the large job seeking websites will verify this. - Discover More >


A Quick Look at Clinical Medical Assisting

Clinical Medical Assisting Career Courses LAVC Clinical Medical Assistants help with patient examinations, give patient injections, and prepare blood and other specimens for laboratory tests; they can only work under the supervision of doctors and must be able to keep health information confidential. In addition, medical assistants learn the special terminology and procedures associated with medicine. such as needing to have a current bond and to be registered with the county in where they work.

Certifications from completed accredited courses that you’ll receive at LAVC enhance employment value because it represents documented proof of expertise.

Highly Suggested Reading:

For those of you jumping into the Paralegal Career Field that haven't already read one of our previous Articles you might find Paralegals vs Legal Document Assistant - LDA one to take a look at now since it is fresh in your mind. Note: At the time we wrote the PL vs LDA article the New LDA Bonus course offered at LAVC was not yet available, so you'll now see the great benefit of this career 'add-on' bonus. Also Check out the Full LDA Course Details, Summary and Very Affordable Cost!

Check it all out and Sign-up Today, the course has limited seating!

Classes Fill-Up VERY Quickly - Secure Your Seat and GET STARTED TODAY!

Call or Register for Your New LDA Course at LAVC
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Thornhill educational systems TES career coursesTHORNHILL Educational Systems provides Paralegal, Legal Secretary and Human Resource along with Administrative and Clinical Medical Assisting Credited Courses in Partnership with NIU College for LAVC and SMC colleges.
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