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Being Generically Specific to Elevate Your Paralegal Career Thinking

by Ric Riccobono - Director
June 29, 2015

When we put together an article we try to provide specific details instead of just generic fillers. However, there are times when a well-placed generic commentary can lead one to a more specific target of interest, and that is the purpose of this article. Our articles aren't designed to compete with our Paralegal instructors, they'll teach you everything you need to know about becoming a well-trained PL, we just want to stretch your thinking and the THORNHILL teaching process.

Initial Factors
Do you remember the factors that first lead you to the PL Career path? Do you remember how long it took you to arrive at that decision before finally enrolling in THORNHILL's Legal Field Career course? With some of you, it may have been a long perplexing task, while others made the decision almost immediately, either way, you made it to this point. But, I wonder how many of you gave thought to more than simply landing a job as a PL in the general legal field. In several of our Articles we have provided some mind opening ideas to elevate your potential and to increase your financial horizon. In the Articles we listed some very specific categories not normally mentioned by other sources for Paralegals. THORNHILL makes a difference and knows that you will also.

Areas of Interest - Your Assets
A good way to maximize your potential is to strategically examine your personal areas of interest. To illustrate this, stop here and take out a sheet of paper and pen, now, and let your mind move your hand. Here's what you do, list’ in line item fashion, every interest you have without dwelling on it or analyzing it, just instantly write it down. It could be sports, fashion, law, big business, travel, medical field, even the food industry and don't give any thought to how any one particular interest could be related to the legal field, just write them down. What you'll probably find is that your most important areas of interest were on the top of the list. Now go over it a couple times, what you'll see is that each one has its own vast array of potential opportunities associated with it. Think about it, and think about each one of your categories and the business category associated to it. Now, consider what your functions, duties and responsibilities would be. Don’t limit yourself, many companies understand that by having a PL on their staff they can save time and money on attorney fees and also support the accounting and managerial staff in the process.

So what does all this mean and what can it all lead to? Take a look at our Article Section, more specifically, our previous article 'Paralegal Adventures'. In this article we illustrate numerous creative high paying potential career opportunities.

The generic aspect of this entire article is to address the same question that you had when you considered becoming a Paralegal. Interesting things and ideas start to open up as you expand your thinking to include more of what tops your ‘interest list’.

Options are out there and, at THORNHILL, we like to push you to open up your thoughts and consider all avenues that a Paralegal Career can bring, even if they are over and above what is considered traditional.

THORNHILL is unique as it helps you grow your career, primarily because we care about you and we understand your career path better than anyone else in the field.

Ric Riccobono

Written by Ric Riccobono, Attorney at Law
Course Provder for Thornhill Educations Systems
LAVC and SMC Extension Programs

Collaboration with: Bob Schott
Actor-Producer-Director with over 28 Years in the Entertainment Industry
Who's Who in America and the World 2006-2013


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