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SHR May Be Your Best Weapon Against the Robotic Invasion!

NOT HR - but...SHR 'Strategic Human Resource!'
Your Advanced and High Paying Career Defense Against Robotic Replacement
by Ric Riccobono, Director - THORNHILL Educational Systems for LAVC - WASC Accredited Courses

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HR Develop Your Talents and Skills

The field of HR requires skills in ‘talent management’ as well as ‘leader development’. These titles and fields will be around for a long time, regardless of any rapid technology advancements. In other words, and according to the Guild of Human Resource Professionals, "the demand for strategic HR is only heightening." In a time of Robotic Replacements that is security.

Human resources managers are staffed in nearly every industry. They work in offices of all types around the world. Often one requirement of this career is that many must travel to attend professional meetings or to recruit employees.

You are most likely engaging in the LAVC HR course because you have given careful consideration towards your profession/career. You're not looking for a job, you can go flip hamburgers if that's all you want, your looking for a CAREER. While you may seek employment at a large firm, don't under estimate your value, you have talent and you can and will utilize them. When you look for the right business category, study the firms in depth before applying, know their Mission Statements and strategize on how you can bring 'High Potential' to their model.

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On the website you will find some Advanced and Very Creative possibilities to help you utilize in your new HR Career. Check out an article we did a few years back, Paralegal Career Adventures - The Unusual, The Creative and The Unique. This will help your thinking in a creative way.

The title of this article has definite value - 'Strategic'. Take some time and evaluate the following 4 categories for Outsourcing Services:

* PEOs (Professional Employer Organization)
* BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing )
* ASPs (Application Service Providers)
* e-Services (Web Based)

Just hearing about these services and understanding their functions are one thing, figuring out how to creatively use them, that's another, and there lies the Value and ‘High Potential!' And that HR High Potential also provides a good defense against Robotic advancement and replacement as well.
The college application process is more competitive than ever. For example; in just a 10 year span, the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), received twice as many applications for fall 2014 as it did in 2005.

On the LFC website we have impressed the basics of Positioning and assessing yourself as you plan your career related to the course such as PL, HR. or Medical Assisting. On the LFC site you will find unique, creative and powerful advanced career tips you won't find in one place anywhere else.

ACS WASC collaborates with organizations such as the California Department of Education, the Association of Christian Schools International, the Council of International Schools, and the International Baccalaureate.

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You've made your Career Choice in HR, now give it impact with the Forward Look of SHR!

According to a new report covering 46 nations and more than 800 occupations by the research arm of McKinsey & Co. as many as 800 million workers worldwide may lose their jobs to robots and automation in the upcoming years ahead and that's the equivalent to more than a fifth of today’s global labor force so PROTECT YOURSELF.

The consulting company also indicated that both developed and emerging countries will be impacted. Machine operators, fast-food workers and back-office employees are among those who will be most affected as automation spreads quickly through the workplace. But Strategic HR Managers or HR Assistants will not be so easily impacted by the Robotic Invasion, especially for the 'Creative/Strategic HR' Career individual, which is what LFC wants you to be.

Here are some Quick Facts on Human Resources Managers

- 2016 Median Pay $106,910 per year
- $51.40 per hour
- Work Experience in a Related Occupation 5-  years or more
*Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

With the HR Course we have an 'Additinal' edge available. You can add the aPHR course to your Resume. That’s real boost!

The Nature of the HR Career, along with the rapid advancement of new technologies make it a good potential career move. Your strategic sense of becoming an HRM or SHRM (Strategic Human Resource Manager) can be a very positive career direction. Keep in mind, self-advocacy is and always will be, a solid weapon for your career advancement.

What this means is a guide line to doing advanced research into just what company or company category you feel you will best be suited for given your career strengths and desires. The Labor Statistic report on the median pay for an HR Manager is $106,000 a year. By taking the HR Course at LAVC you can graduate with NO STUDENT DEBT and be on the career path that may lead you in the direction of a better, more rewarding life.

** See why planning for a Creative SHR can fortify your HR Career. We suggest that you also read our recent revealing Article on Career Defense Secret Against Robotic Replacement.
SHR career defense against Robotic Replacement

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